Wednesday, 10 March 2010

March Bargain Haul :D

The other day me and mum popped into some discount stores in town, as they were the only shops in our tiny town that were open after 6pm (we went out a bit late we left home about 4pm).
I wasn't planning on getting anything, but I saw all these little items very cheap and started picking them up,hehe.

I've been fancying Dior's collagen lip maximizer gloss for ages, and it's always sold out :( So I saw this Sally Hansen Thin Lip Collagen Boost for only £2, so I had to buy it and it's actually quite nice :)
I don't know if it really boosts lips that much, but they do look a little more pouty :) It also smells very sweet, and you need to blend it a bit when you apply, other than that it's nice and moisturising and well, quite nice :)

I also picked up a Revlon Colorstay Overtime LipColor in Maximum Mauve for only £2!! I remember buying these back in 2003 when they first came out and I use to wear it to work everyday, until it fell out of my bag on the bus (well I'm guessing it was the bus) and I started wearing lipgloss after that.

What I love about the Revlon colourstay lip colours is that they don't dry your lips out.
Usually when I use say Maxfactor Lipfinit
y or the Maybelline version, I'm rushing for the gloss end of the product because they usually make my lips feel tight and dry, but with Revlon you don't feel that way. I know they've come out with a newer version of this (which my mum has), but I still like the longevity of these older ones :)

The next two purchases were £1 each :D
I've been looking for a cuticle product (a cheap one) for some time, and well Sally Hansen's Cuticle and Nail Refiner is a nice little exfoliator for both cuticles and nails :)

Sally Hansen's Nail Quencher was my other £1 purchase, and it's meant to make your nail color last for up to 4days, and I did doubt it as nothing ever lasts on my nails, due to me washing my hands all the time and scrubbing the house and stuff.

But so far it has made my nail polish last, even after cooking, cleaning and decorating for a few days :)
So that was a proper bargain for only a pound :D

The nail Varnish I'm using over Sally Hansen's Nail Quencher is Bourjois Nail Polish in Beige Rose, which I bought for £2, hehe another bargain.
It is meant for Golden Skintones , but I wear it anyway. Rules are there to break :)

Two other bargain products I bought were some T-Zone nose strips and Roc's Completelift day cream.
As I've mentioned before I always get blackheads on my nose :( and Yes I do spend ages squeezing them, which I know I shouldn't do, so I bought these strips.
Although sometimes strips do pull some of the skin off my nose 'Ouch', I figured maybe it's better for my skin that I don't pick at them so much, and just use these strips when I need to.

I'm a huge lover of French Skincare Brands, and Roc is one of them.
I never have any problems whatsoever with Roc products, I have sensitive skin on my face and I know when I buy a Roc product I don't need to worry how my skin will react to it.
I've used this product only a few days no, so it's still too early to praise it, but it has left my skin nice and soft and does sink in very quickly, and makeup goes over it nicely :)

I've always fancied trying Jemma Kidd's Makeup, so when I saw this little product for £3, my eyes popped out and I grabbed it.
It's a small little beauty palette, so there's no better way to try out a brand you're not sure about.
I haven't yet used it, but I swatched it and the gold eyeshadow is very nice and pigmented and goes on smoothly.
The darker bluey/ charcoal colour with sparkles doesn't go on so smoothly, and it fades rather quickly, and the sparkles disappear in seconds. So I don't really rate that one.
The blusher is a nice colour though and reminds me of Macs Springsheen.
There's also a little gloss on the side, which is a bronzey rose colour, and I don't find it at all pigmented and it also disappears very quickly on the lips.
Saying that about those products though it hasn't put me off buying some of Jemma Kidd's makeup in the future.

Last but not least is something I had no intention of buying.
I was on my way out of Dorothy Perkins feeling disappointed and some boots caught my eye.
So I quickly had a look at them and at the size (no point drooling over something that's not in your size), and they were a size 5, which I can fit into, depending on the shoe brand.
I ran into the shop and tried them on and they were a good fit, so I ended up with some lovely boots for only £10 :D They were meant to be £50.
They're suede, with stud detailing and I'm planning on wearing them with skinny jeans, and a very girly top and these boots will toughen up the girly top a bit. :)


  1. Great stuff! Cute boots! I have a pair similar to them. :-)

  2. Love buying make up in the discount stores, you can pick up some really good stuff somedays :) xXx

  3. Love that lip gloss color. It reminds me of SPRING!


    The Kissters


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