Tuesday, 24 December 2013

I've Been Away

Hey everyone, you may have all have forgotten about this blog now as it's been so long since I posted (over a year I think).
Life has been tough the last year or so, blogging took a back seat even, though I've still been reading your blogs :)

After recent events I've decided my lifestyle is going to change (hopefully for the better).

First off I'll mention I've been a vegetarian since I was 12years old, I'm now 30, so I guess you could say I take the vegetarian thing quite seriously.
I firstly began my vegetarianism due to my love of animals and discovering the tough reality of what happens to animals to feed us, which was oddly through a Welsh lesson in school.
Before I turned veggie I was a big meat eater, and after that Welsh lesson I just stopped eating meat and began to become more serious about what I ate.
Anyway to my point, everyone knows my other love besides animals is makeup and beauty products. I have to admit I have been pretty ignorant concerning all the animal testing laws lately.  I thought if a product was made in the EU that it wouldn't be tested on animals, but I then learned of the law in China where products must be tested on animals before being sold in their country. So after most brands being cruelty free for years they have now decided money is more important than animal welfare.
So that has led me to decide I shall only be using products Not Tested on Animals from now on. I thought at first it would be easy as many brands have claimed to be Cruelty Free for years, but after looking into things more closely I've realised how deceitful some claims can be.

Okay, I'll get to my main point. I've decided my blog now will be mainly organic, cruelty free products.
It's going to be tough, ignorance was bliss (well for me not for the animals) before I decided this.

Anyway thank you for reading, and I hope to be back very soon with some great cruelty free buys :)

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