Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Some more reasons why I Love TKMaxx

I just wanted to show some fantastic bargains and items I have recently purchased at my local TKMaxx.
TKMaxx seems to be delivering in the beauty department lately, as well as the usual clothing and homeware.
When I enter my local TKmaxx I always shoot towards the beauty section (which is downstairs at my store) and I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing as it just feeds my want for beauty products.
One of my latest finds is this Korres Vanilla Cinnamon showergel for £3.99. I have often wanted to buy Korres showergels, however since I live in a fairly rural area nowhere stocks Korres products and I never fancied spending £8 on a product that I may hate the smell of. But this shower gel is gorgeous, it’s a warm non gourmet vanilla with warming cinnamon. I love it.
korres labelkorres

Ok, this next item is my most exciting buy.  Frederic Fekkai’s Glossing cream for only £5 and it usually retails at £20. Amazing.
I didn’t really have high hopes for this product as it was selling at £5 I thought it must be bad or something, I was very wrong. A little bit of this product goes a long way, and it really defines and glosses hair. I’m going to go back for some more.

fredrik f

I’ve never heard of the next brand Intra, but the fact that it 98% natural ingredients with a vanilla scent sold me. I’d been looking for a different body lotion due to my usual Palmer cocoa butter making me feel hungry all the time. So as this was only £3 I gave it a go, and really love it. It’s a pretty, subtle vanilla scent and it sinks straight into skin.
Vanilla tk
Something else I like to stock up on at TKMaxx is Lierac products. I use to buy all my Lierac products from Feel Unique, however they seem to have stopped stocking them and Look Fantastic have also limited products, so when I go to TKMaxx I buy a Lierac product in case I never see these products again.
Lierac skincare has to be one of my favourite brands, and if it is to stop selling in the UK it will make me so sad.
I bought this Hydra-Chrono lotion for normal/combination skin for £9.99, which is a bargain as I’ve spent around £25 on it in the past.
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  1. I love a bit of TK MAxx, there's some really great bargains - which you just proved!

    Lea x

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  3. I willhave to check this out!! That 98% natural cream sounds amazing!

  4. Hi, thanks for all the comments :) Sorry I've been so late getting back to you all. I haven't been checking my blog much as of late.

    Nina I think the template is Dynamic Views and then Magazine :) I hope this helps :)


  5. I have to go to tkmaxx now!

  6. I can already imagine how wonderful the scent of that Korres showergel is! Would you be doing a separate review on it? I really hope so...

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