Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Must start Blogging..

Right, so I haven't really blogged at all, even though I want to. I received some Naked Honey stuff yesterday from MAC (I'll write about those tomorrow though).
Tonight I'm pretty excited about something else though ..

I'm off to have acupuncture tomorrow, I've waited a while to get an appointment.

The reason I am going for the acupuncture isn't a positive thing though, I have Alopecia (I'm losing my hair).
I'm not sure how bad my hair loss is going to be, or when it will re-grow, however I'm giving everything natural a shot,
I've been taking colloidal Silica for over 8weeks now (it takes over 10 weeks for it to work).

I'm also using the Boots Expert Hair loss treatments for women, however I'm not sure if its working, but it does preserve the red hair colour I use, so that's some good news.

Then on Saturday I decided to buy some Nettle capsules, after hearing some good things about it online, so I really hope its enough to bring my hair back. I want it to be thick and crazy like it use to be.

Anyway I best get off to bed, I'm too excited about the acupuncture :D
If anyone reads this(I don't have any readers yet, due to me only lurking for sometime), let me know if you've ever experienced hair loss and how it affected you, also if you found anything that helped. :)

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