Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My small Haul I received the other day.

And here's my little haul.

I bought some of the Mac Naked Honey collection, as I love any and everything honey :) I have been very excited to try this collection as soon as I heard it was coming out. So I waited all those months and when it came online I was there, pouncing to get the three products I wanted. Which were the Naked Honey and Aficanimal Fragrances and the High-Light powder.

The delivery man (who is quite hot) delivered the products first thing Monday morning, which my mum ran up stairs with for me as soon as they arrived. So we both sat and opened and sprayed ourselves with each perfume ( each on a different arm of course) and we both sat in silence. The silence was a reaction from being quite disappointed. Both fragrances were quite disappointing :( I had such high expectations for these. I was expecting something very sweet and more foody. However after trying both for a while, and changing my mind set and expectations, I am actually starting to like them.

The Naked Honey perfume to me is very powerful and has a very strong honeysuckle scent, which was a bit too floral for my liking, however on the dry down it does become a little sweeter. After trying it for a few days, I find it is nice on rainy days. It reminds me of the warm, summer days with showers. I have no idea why, but maybe its because I walked passed some on a college trip last year while it was raining?! I do find this scent quite fresh though, which is something I never go for.
Then the Adricanimal was to me very masculine and spicy, but it did dry down to a lighter scent.
It does to me have a slight beeswax smell, and the spice smells l
ike a ground cinnamon that you find at the back of a kitchen cupboard, god knows why I think that lol.
I have to say though it is rather warm and deep, and perfect for those summery nights out.

I do have to say though that I layered both scents together, and they surprising really do blend well together, I'm quite liking it. Layering the Africanimal over the Naked Honey, powders down the strong floral scent of honeysuckle and makes it less overpowering.
I think I will start wearing them like this :)

However I did love the High-light powder in Honey Light, I loved the cute honey comb pattern. The colour was a nice gold too, which I shall wear on my cheekbones and other parts, with a bit of blusher contoured. The gold shimmer to disappear when you've used it once or twice, but the bronze colour underneath is nice, and quite a good colour for my fair skin.

You can see in the picture, that the lovely goldy shimmer comes off after a few swipes, and unveils a more bronzey colour.

And finally I also bought the Colour Craft Eye Shadow in Eccentricity, I love having four colours in one its really handy to carry around and saves me (because I'm lazy) searching around for eye shadows. The colours are lovely and coordinate each other lovely. The gold reminds me of goldmine, but a more powdery/ loose texture (but that could just be me).

Flash (ugh you can see how pale my hands are)
No flash

Anyway I think I shall leave it at that now, as I've had a busy day and the acupuncture I had today has left me feeling quite drowsy.
Oh and the acupuncture and the lady performing it were amazing, I cant wait to see the results in myself.

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