Saturday, 15 August 2009

11 Happy things Tag

Hey everyone I was tagged by the lovely Nicole from IDreamOfMac (thank you Nicole) to tell you 11 things that make me Happy, and so here they are :)

1. Has to be my mum. When I'm down and having a bad day (a lot of bad days in my case lately), she always makes me feel better, she'll sit down with me with a good old cup of tea, and we'll chat about things. She makes me laugh, and gets my crazy sense of humour.
Plus she's always had faith in me with everything I do.

2. Has to be my Pet rabbits.
When me and my ex fiance of 5years split up last year and I was heartbroken (as it was a very bad split), I was sat on the stairs crying, and my Basil came to me on the stairs and sat and looked at me, and got onto one of the higher steps and kissed the tears away from my face. People may think its mad having a rabbit as a proper pet, but I don't care.
They're very lovable and Loyal.

3. Has to be TEA. I just love tea. My mum and sisters have called me Teapot since I was little, as I've just always loved it, I can't explain why, maybe its just a home comfort.
I always have my tea strong, with a tiny bit of milk and one sugar.

4. Art. I've been painting and drawing since I was 7, and Won a few awards when I was younger. It's probably one of the things I'm most passionate about.
Here are two pieces by my favourite artist Franz Marc, I probably like this artist most as he painted very bold, bright paintings that included mostly animals.

5. Sex and the city, I just love this. The fashion, city life, sex and men hehe.

6. Grey's Anatomy because of Patrick Dempsey, he's the love of my life hehe.

7.Pizza. Every Saturday is Pizza night, and its always veggie, since I'm a Veggie :P
I've been veggie since I was 12 and very proud.

8. Lipstick, I love lipstick I love all the textures, colours and just everything about it.

9. Blusher, Its the same as lipstick, since I've been a redhead I've been able to experiment more as the red hair has completely changed my skin colouring some how.

10. Red hair dye,lol. I just love being a red head.

11.Fashion. I adore fashion, I just love that you can express yourself through it, and if you feel down putting some clothes on can change your outlook for that day completely.

Ahh so that's my 11 things, and I tag:


  1. Thanks for the tag! I haven't done this one. I'll get to it as soon as I get a chance! :-)

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  3. Hey lipgloss, your welcome :) Ok cool, I'll look forward to checking it out :) x


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