Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The 30 Mark :)

I just noticed I now have 30 followers :)

So I'd just like to give a BIG Thank You to ALL my followers, I really love having you around, you're all great :)

Every follower I have, I subscribe too, as I know you'll write about something that will interest me, and something I will enjoy reading.

I love seeing everyone's individual style, it really inspires me :)

So yeah, I just want to Thank you all and *BIG HUGS* to you all :)

I hope to bring you all some more interesting makeup reviews and looks in the future.
Christina x


  1. Congrats! Before you know it you'll be at 100 too! Thanks for the comment on mine! :-)

  2. Thanks and You're welcome :) x

  3. yay for followers :)

    i tagged you in an entry, check it out :)

  4. ooh cool, really? I'll check it now. :) x


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