Monday, 24 August 2009


I was going to write this yesterday, but had a bit of a busy day, so I shall write this now.
When I was born I was born with a birthmark above my lip on the right hand side. Doctors told my mum it would disappear over time (which strawberry birthmarks do). It appeared then that I had a port wine stain, which is permanent.
Through school and jobs I've always been self conscious about it. I know school's way over, and I survived (just), however in jobs customers have often commented on it. They ask what it is, or mention I have lipstick on my face, or even have asked if I waxed my upper lip, which is something you really don't want to be reminded of when trying to be professional at a job.

Anyway, when I had my fiance I didn't mind it so much and was offered to have it lasered off by the doctors. However my ex told me I was beautiful wit
h it in his eyes bla bla.
Then he cheated on me, while studying his degree and it made me feel ugly and insecure about myself.

I look at other girls who have perfect hair and faces, and wish I was like them. I constantly buy concealers to cover my birthmark and other flaws.
So I've now had enough, and I'm going to see the doctors about lasering it.
I can't control the amount my hair loses, but maybe I can make myself feel a little bet
ter by not constantly fretting about people looking at my horrible pizza face stain.

I know this blog is meant to be about makeup and all things nice, but I feel that my confidence is at an all time low because of this birthmark, and I just needed to vent about it.
Here's a pic of the dreaded mark anyway.
Wish me luck at the doctors :)
(The evil Mark)


  1. Hello,

    I know its not the same thing but I had severe acne for years and it made me feel extremely low all the time and I was always uncomfortable with people looking at me which wasn't helped when people made comments on it!
    I would and still look enviously at those with clear skin but on the flipside there are always others who have it worse than yourself.
    I do think its worth seeing the doctors about something that makes you unhappy (thats what I did) just to see what the options are, but I will say though that I really don't think its bad and anyone who saw your pics would think you a pretty girl.
    Good luck with what ever you decide to do :)

  2. Hey Replica thank you :)
    People being mean about things can really hurt you and get you down.
    I know it could be worse, and I'm thankful its not.
    I think I will see what the doctor says (Ive got to wait until the 16th of sept to see the Dr I want to see), I'll see what he says.
    I always worry that my birthmark will put men off me and things like that, and I don't want to feel so insecure when I do Finally meet someone (if that makes sense).
    Anyway, I'll stop moaning now :)
    Thanks again for the comment, it was really nice to hear from someone who's felt the same way about something.
    :D x


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