Sunday, 23 August 2009

Abit of Everything Haul.

Yay, I went shopping today :) Bumped into an old friend I hadn't seen for a while and yeah, just decided I wanted a bit of everything today. And here's what I got:

I popped into Holland& Barrett (Health Shop) and bought some Biotin and coconut water (I remember The Gloss Goss saying she liked this stuff).
I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to have a workout tomorrow (because I'm lazy and my arse is starting to sag :( lol ) and this Vita Coco is meant to help with hydration after a work out.
So this coconut water will be my little incentive.
I found this info on a website that says this about it, to give you a better idea:

Vita Coco is a delicious, refreshing and nourishing drink containing only the pure water from young green coconuts.

Vita Coco is rich in alkalizing minerals including, potassium, magnesium and calcium and is wonderful for rehydrating and energizing the body.

Vita Coco is naturally isotonic, making it the perfect sports drink and is excellent for replacing the electrolytes lost when working out or during sports.

Vita Coco contains No preservatives, No Colouring and No Added Sweeteners

Refreshing, Energizing Coconut Water
Rich in Minerals
Great, Naturally Isotonic Sports Drink
Perfect for making Young Green Coconut Kefir
No Preservatives, Colours or Sweeteners
Vita Coco is great in smoothies, on ice or as a frozen treat!

Info from here:

The Biotin I bought is for the hair loss crap I'm experiencing, I heard that it can help hair to grow, so its worth a try.
On the jar it says "Supports Healthy Vision
& skin health, Releases Energy from foods" so if it doesn't do anything for my hair, it ought to do something for my skin and energy levels anyway.

Ooh a quick mention about whats happening with my hair anyway, I visited the hairdresser a few weeks back, and there are little teeny dots on my scalp which she said is the hair growing back and coming through the follicle, so YAY. I cant wait for it to grow back :)

I also bought some L'oreal Castings Hair dye in Mahogany Rich Auburn, haven't tried this Mahogany red before so I hope it suits me.

I've been reading up about French women's beauty secrets and apparently they love cellulite creams and firming creams, and since I will be 26 in October (I'm scared, I still feel and act 18) i decided maybe I should give these cellulite things a go, I don't have cellulite, but I hope this L'oreal PerfectFirm Pro prevents it anyway.
This cellulite massage system has a little roller to massage cellulite areas (as massage helps circulation and I've read that cellulite is helped by this).

This massage roller really kneads your skin, I wasn't expecting it to feel like that, but it does feel like it's doing something.
Then after you've done some roller massaging you pop the firming post massage concentrate on to the areas you've worked. It contains Co-caffeine Cx which is meant to improve the appearance of cellulite.
Once again I've read somewhere before that caffeine stimulates circulation in the skin, and well some people actually rub coffee granules into their skin, not sure if it works but i bet they smell like a nice Coffee Cafe afterwards :)

The next thing I had was the Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-on (you're going to think I'm proper Caffeine addicted now). I can't wait to try this, I suffer from really bad dark circles mainly because I inherited them, and then they're made worse by allergies and insomnia,lol. I will keep you updated on whether it works or not anyway.

I also had a face cream which is the L'oreal Triple Active day cream, I'm so scared of getting old and wrinkly now I'm getting older that I feel the need for face creams all the time. This cream has vitamin E, ceramide and UV filter. This cream is meant to 'protect against daily stresses and help retain a more youthful appearance', so we'll see how that goes.
When you buy a cream you imagine waking up a new person, but then you look in the mirror and still see your ugly mug looking back, well I do anyway hehe.
(Damn those
pretty models, I thought all this beauty stuff would make me look like them)

Eyeko Eye shadow

Eyeko Lip Balm

I did a little eyeko shop too, as I bought a pile of the creams a couple of years ago which I still haven't used them, they're still in their little gift bag things I bought them in.
Anyway I bought an eyeshadow and a lipbalm and I'm quite disappointed with both :(

The eyesahdows don't have much pigment (apart from the dark pink and light pink ones),
they're also very chunky in texture and hard to get out of the pan, I'll wear them in the week to see how they go anyway.
The Lip Balm sounded nice ( I have the creamy cupcake one) Its a clear balm wit
h little bits of glitter in , however it's not very moisturizing and doesn't really last.

Ahh this is never ending, I also bought Collection 2000 nail varnish in dynasty, whi
ch is a lovely lilac colour. I'll wear it in the week and post a pic :)

The other thing I had was a pair of Hilfiger jeans in a khaki type colou
r. I'm going back to college soon, and I wanted to dress kinda preppy cool (or I could look preppy fool, knowing my luck) for my first day back, so I've been looking for a pair like this to put on with some brogues and a boyfriend jacket.
These jeans were only £12 :) from £16.99 and their RRP was £65, so a nice little bargain. They are an inch too big, but I'm going to adjust the buttons to get them to fit my waist.

I also bought something quite juvenile hehe, a skipping rope,lol.
I need to get fit and stuff, and the best sort of cardio to get your heart pumping is skipping so I bought a skipping rope in tesco for £1.77. So tomorrow I shall be skipping my arse off. :)
I did 10seconds of skipping earlier and was buggered, so I'm going to work on getting my stamina up :)

The next thing I want to post and talk about is my birthmark, so I might do that tomorrow, it will be exposing myself in a way.
Anyway hope you've had a nice Saturday :) x

(Me knackered after shopping, about to relax with a cuppa, oh and I didn't wear that hoodie shopping, that is just my comfy chillax hoodie).

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