Sunday, 16 August 2009

Mini Random haul!

Here's a teeny weeny haul from over the weekend.
I haven't had much money lately to spend on makeup *cries*, but I bought a few little things.
I had a good bargain on something I missed when it was on the Mac website a few months back, and that is the Mac Redhead MSF.

I really wanted this months ago, but at the time I thought I didn't need it, and regretted it.
So the other day, I saw it going nice and cheaply on ebay, so I s
napped it up, and I'm glad I did.
It goes on really nice and smoothly, blends well and I just love the salmon pin
k colour, really compliments the redhead I'm sporting,hehe.
The only thing I don't like is that it can be a bit too shiny, and ca
n look greasy :( So i try to keep my skin a little more matte, as if my skin looks dewy (as I usually have it) it can look bad. It is a very shimmery, pearly msf I think, and the colour is quite light and can need layering.
Another thing is, this powder can be pretty loose I noticed. The
re's a lot of excess powder lying around the pan.
Other than that I really love it, and I'm really glad I have it.

Mac Redhead Msf
Redhead msf swatch with flash.

Ok the other thing I had this weekend, which I am really excited about is the MeMeMe Poppy tint. I'm just loving everything pink and girlie at the moment.
This stuff is a much cheaper version to the Benefit posie tint, which I was very tempted to buy. However this stuff seemed just as good, well maybe even better than the posie tiny, plus much cheaper.
I paid £3 something for the poppy tint, and Benefits posie tint is £22.50, so there was no contest :)
Poppy tint looks a very bright pink in the pot, however when blended into the skin is a lovely fresh, rosey, natural pink, it reminds me of the colour your cheeks go after being out in cold weather.
Whats great about this stuff is it can be used on cheeks and lips, so you can easily follow the rule of matching lip and cheek colours with this, plus you wont have to reapply much, because it is a sort of stain.
I would have popped a pic of how it looks on cheeks and lips, but I'm not wearing any makeup today, and its 8:30pm here and it's too late to put some on, so I'll just how you some swatches for now :)
As you can see its in a nail varnish style pot, and you just sort of cross hatch style it on your cheeks, and blend in (that's how i do it anyway).
I will have to take a picture of it on my cheeks, so you can see how truly sheer and subtle it is. Its lovely.
Oh and this lovely stuff is bought from Superdrug. I would have posted an online link for you to buy it, but they don't have it on their website.

The other thing I bought is this cute little necklace, I really love it.
It's from accessorize and was £6 (bargain). I love French styles lately, and this little necklace feeds my need for all things French and stylish

That's my little Haul people :)
I wish I could buy more :(


  1. I thought it was cute too, I had to have it hehe. :) x

  2. I love your nail polish! Is it peppermint patty by any chance? I only have the red version of the Me Me Me tint.

  3. Hey thanks, the nail varnish is actually Barry M mint green, I love Barry M nail varnishes I find they last quite a long time and dont chip. Im always painting and drawing and they tend to last pretty well :)
    I really want to try the red MeMeMe tint, is it any good? x


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