Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My skincare routine.

So as I promised here's my skincare routine.
I will try and pop the links in so you can see where to buy these items (I haven't worked it out yet).
Cleansing:For cleansing I now use boots Expert sensitive gentle cleansing lotion. I did only buy this because it was on a clearance sale in my local boots for something like £1, and I though what the heck.
So anyway I used it not expecting much, mainly because of the price (and because its not Roc or Avene, my usual cleansers) but needless to say I really do like it. It gets rid of makeup, isn't harsh on my very sensitive skin and it also feels light and fresh, which I really like.
Eye Makeup Remover: I also use Boots Expert for this. I find it nice and oily, doesn't drag the skin and removed all eye makeup, plus its cheap. Oh and it doesn't irritate my eyes :) Plus I only paid a pound,hehe.

Toner: For toner I use Roc Demaquillage Actif which is for dry skin. My skin isn't exactly dry, but I hate toners that have mean alcohol in them, it stresses my skin out. This toner is light and lovely and fresh, smells nice and light too. Ive used this toner for years now, and always come back to it. It might be a little pricey at something like £7 but I do like it :)
I usually buy it at boots, but their site doesnt have it on there for some reason, hmm.

Exfoliator: This has to be one of my favourite products. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.
For me its really good as its a rice based powder, so its really soft. All you need to do is pour about half a teaspoon of this fine powder into your hand, and some water to make it into a nice paste, and massage it all over your face for about a minute (i concentrate on my nose, as I've always had blackheads in this spot).
I use to have dry flakey skin on my nose (yeah UGH) but not anymore with this amazing exfoliator. It is a tad pricey, but I think its worth it
I buy it from this from the Jersey beauty company as it saves me a few pounds, and postage is free, oh and they ppst very quickly, which is always good.

Fake Tan: I use Clarins Auto-Bronzante, I have really fair skin and this self tanner allows me to built up a more natural looking tan on my face, I use to use St.Tropez but it made me look a little muddy, but I do use St.Tropez on my body though :)
This tanner is also nice and light, and sinks into the skin very quickly, so you dont have to worry about smudging or anything like that.
I did actually buy this in Tk Maxx for £12.99 instead of £16, I was about to pay in superdrug that day.

Multi-purpose: I always carry this around with me Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream, this stuff is amazing. I use it on my lips when they are chapped, my hands when they are dry, my cuticles and even on burns. i just love this stuff, end off :P

Day Cream: Avene Anti-redness Light moisturizing cream is my favourite day cream, it suits my sensitive skins perfectly and goes really nice under my foundation. Its contains an SPF 10 which i like too. Its rich in thermal spring water, which I really like the idea of, makes it feel more natural. I just love things that are slightly more natural :)
You can also buy this from Boots for £13.

Night Creams: Ok, for night creams I switch between two, they're not any brands you can find in a drug store, they're just creams I liked the look of.
The first one is a Honey one I bought from TK Maxx for £5.99. I bought this one mainly because it said honey (I'm a sucker for honey) this cream is quite nourishing, and the smell reminds me of the Ponds creams. Anyway the name of this cream is Perlier Honey Nourishing Cream and you can use it as a day and night time cream, but I use it at night because its very moisturizing.
The second cream I use is a health cream I bought in the health shop I shop in. It's by a company called Amphora Aromatics and I think its based in Bristol. I paid £3.80 for this cream and it's made from mainly natural ingredients (which I love), it sinks nicely into my skin and feels like a nice carrier oil based moisturizer.
Oh the cream is called Vitamin E. Wheatgerm and carotene cream. My mum use to swear by carotene creams, so that's what also grabbed my attention about this cream too :)

Eye Cream: Last but not least is the Boots Expect Eye Cream (yeah another cheap skincare product). I bought this with all the other Boots expert stuff, not expecting anything, but its nice and moisturizing and sinks in nicely. Not sure if it helps fine lines, but I just like that its nice and soft on my skin.

So there you have my skin care routine,lol. That was a fair bit to write, so now I'm off for a bloody good cuppa ;)

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