Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Before my redhead days!

I just thought I'd pop some picture of me before my redhead days up.
I am a natural blonde, but I coloured my hair red last year for a change, and LOVED it ever since :)
Being a redhead has allowed me to experiment more with different lipsticks and blushers, I have to admit I've always been a little lazy on the eyeshad
ow front and have always admired those that can apply it brilliantly.
Having red hair as made my skin tone looks much healthier,and it suits me much more than my natural blonde colour. Its crazy,lol.


  1. wow the red really does make a difference in your skin!

  2. The blonde is pretty, but the red is beyond fabulous!!


  3. Hi Nicole, its crazy how a colour can do so much :) x

  4. Thanks sara, I think I have more fun as a redhead :) x


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