Tuesday, 1 September 2009

NOTD and quick Natural pic.

Here I'm wearing Barry M's Nail Varnish in Raspberry 273. I really love this polish, I always get compliments when I wear this colour.
I always wear a base coat under these coloured nail varnishes as they stain my nails, so I usually wear a base coat by No7 or a Rimmel one, depending which one I find first in my nail varnish box.

Next thing I'm gonna show is me with hardly any makeup on (scary) lol, I actually went out like this today. My skin and everything seemed pretty good today, so I only wore a bit of concealer and and Macs Gel blush in just a pinch.
On the eyes I wore some Mac Bamboo e/s all over, Samoa Silk e/s on lid, haux in crease and a tiny bit of flip e/s in the inner corner of my eyes.
Also some plush lash mascara.
And to glam it up a bit some Mac Cremesheen in speak louder.
That sounds like a lot now I've written it out, but I had put it all on about 6hours before taking the pics, so that's probably why I looks like crap,lol.

Ooh and in the pics, you can see some of my new hair growth, I'm really happy about this. The silica and B vitamins I have been taking must have helped my hair a bit :D
Excuse the hair too, it wasn't styled, I just left it to dry naturally.

Anyway sorry about this FOTD being pretty crap, but I'm bored and felt like posting anyway :P


  1. You look great! I wish my skin looked that good with no foundation! :-)

  2. Hey thanks :)
    It doesn't normally look like that, it was having a good day for some reason :S
    I usually look really pale, and ugh.lol.

  3. Thank you Christina! I love jewelry shopping because it does not matter what size you are ;) I really love the new background on your blog by the way

  4. Nice blog...i follow it now...really great pics

  5. I love that nail polish; it's so pretty. Oh and I love the way that you arrange your pictures.

  6. @ Naomi, Ooh thanks :) I'm glad you like the arrangement, I wasn't sure if I was doing a good enough job :D x

  7. Love that varnish! And just realized I have it too - got it from a swap earlier in the summer and haven't used it. Will do now!

  8. Hi Michelle, definitely wear it, it's a really nice colour :D x

  9. Hi Elphaba, I didn't see your comment (I'm sure I'm going blind). Thanks I follow your blog too, its great :D x


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