Friday, 4 September 2009

Mac and L'oreal Haul! Very teeny.

Yesterday my Mac delivery came, Woohoo. I ordered the Graphic Garden Palette in Fresh Cut, a really pretty pink palette.
The finishes are mostly frost and velux pearl, but they're very nice and I did wear them out today (I'll post a FOTD in a bit).
I really like the Poppy Noir colour, its probably my favourite, it is a nice chocolate sort of brown colour, that's how I see it anyway.
Then there's Part Peony which is the brightest pink in the palette, but I love it.
Sun-Shy is a lovely peachy orangey colour I think, its hard to describe, reminds me of Love-Bud thou
Fresh cut is also lovely and reminds me of cranberry, there's a lot of red in this colour.
Bloomcycle is very opal'ish to me, lovely pinky silver colour, that's how I'd describe it anyway.
Last but not least floral inc is very similar to Bloomcycle but has a darker pink pigment to it, but its more sheer. Argh can't explain.

I also ordered a Cremesheen lippy in Shy Girl, I've been looking for something more neutral. Even though the site says its a creamy neutral coral beige, I find it very peachy on myself, I love it :)

When I was walking to the tills at Tesco tonight I came across L'oreal Sublime Bronze face tan for £3, it was at half price so I grabbed it :)
On the packet it claims to give a radiant complexion (just what I've been needing lately), and it moisturises and illuminates.
This stuff contains Vitamin E, which we all know has anti-oxidant properties.
The light reflecting pigments in this stuff illuminates the skin (so that's what does it).
Yeah, I'm going to try this baby on in a bit, and I'll tell you what I think.
I've previously used Clarins Auto-Bronzante tan, and its been lovely but something doesn't quite click for me, and it always goes bright orange on my neck :S

I've also used St. Tropez which goes too dark for my skin tone, so I have laid off the fake tan for two weeks, but while in a shop the other day I was shocked how white I was , so that's why I'm going to start being a fake tan user and abuser again :P


  1. wow.. nice haul

    i wish i have the garden palette of this MAC

  2. shy girl cremesheen is next on my mac lip list! The color looks so wearable. Are cremesheen lipsticks really soft? I've heard they feel great compared to other finishes

  3. Hey thanks raindropz, I had to borrow off my mum to get it,hehe.

    Hey Beautygirl yeah I find cremesheen really soft, it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything, and I find it quite moisturising (which I don't think most mac lipsticks are).
    You should definitely get it, its really nice :)

  4. Great haul! That MAC lippie looks super nice!


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