Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Avon Haul

Sorry for not really posting anything lately, I've been pretty down about my hair and stuff, but today I received these from Avon that cheered me up a little bit.
My auntie does Avon these days, and the catalogue was hanging around the house the other week, so I ordered some stuff.
I've always been a bit snobby about Avon, but I thought I'd give it a go, because I don't have much money these days.

Anyway I ordered two room and linen sprays, because I just love things smelling nice :)
I have the Black Cherry and Nutmeg spray, which I think is a very nice warm smell. I also have the Strawberry and Guava which is very sweet.

I also have the Intense protection hand cream with silicon and beeswax, which is very moisturising and sinks in really nicely. I always need hand cream through winter as my hands dry.

The next thing I have is the Vanilla and Brown Sugar Foot cream, I love anything vanilla and I can't wait to pop this foot cream on my feet :)

The things I'm really excited about are the Nail Polishes. I bought a nice Chocolate brown one called Deluxe Chocolate, and I can see it has some gold shimmer in it. The Blue one is called Blue Flare, and I'd describe it as a denim blue (I'm putting some on later, so I'll post a pic in an hour). The last one is a smooth dark purple called Midnight Plum. I will post pics of these as soon as I've put them on :)

I also decided to try an Avon eye cream because I'm getting older :( and I have started to see some fine lines, and this cream was cheap hehe. I used some earlier, and the consistency is quite thick, but I think I might like this stuff, we'll see.

I have a tiny bit of a primer obsession these days, so when I saw this primer in the Avon catalogue for £5, I had to have it. It is called Avon Magix Face Perfector, it has a 20spf (which is great), it claims to illuminate the complexion (which I need), and it targets pores and banishes shine. It's a light gel-powder that gives a flawless, matte finish for up to 10hrs (that's the part that sold me). In the catalogue it was compared to Clarins Instant smooth perfecting touch, so I just had to try this. I'm going to wear it tomorrow, and I'll post some pictures :)

The hair loss thing isn't going to well, I've lost so much hair the last few days, hence the reason for no post and me being quiet.
My head now looked like this the other day, and its getting worse.
I'm hopefully going to buy some more clip in extensions soon, I'm thinking I'll buy these ones. I want a nice fringe/bangs, so I might just order some of the bangs from This site, and maybe have a few different styles, to cheer myself up a bit.
I've been so sad about my hair coming out the last few days that I haven't been out of the house, couldn't go to college, and when I saw two attractive women outside my house the other day with nice hair, I cried (I know its silly, but I do find this really, really hard).
I want to come back here in a few months, and show off some new healthy thick hair, that's my goal.
So anyway, I'm off to have a nice bath now, and then I'm going to paint my nails with Blue Flare, and post a piccie :) x


  1. Me again, LOL. I can't resist commenting! I have a thing with AVON too, I like looking through the catalogues but when it comes to actually buying a product, I usually pass. Nice haul you got there, I'll be expecting the polish swatches! And the review of the primer too, it sounds great.
    I remembered you mentioned healthy eating and stuff like that, and looking through your almond post I found you mentioned almond oil is good for hair loss. Have you tried that? I recommend not putting anything with chemicals on your hair for a while, to see if that helps.
    Let me know how that goes though, whatever decision you take! Hug =)

  2. Hey, again,lol.
    I usually pass on avon too, but I couldn't resist this time for some reason hehe.
    I think the avon primer had good reviews on makeup alley, thats kinda why I bought it too.
    The almonds are sort of for the protein, because of hair being made up of mostly protein and stuff, and I'm a vegetarian and thats why I started eating them. I then found out the other benefits of them, when I read up about them.
    I haven't tried almond oil yet, but I think it will be the next oil I buy, I need lavender oil too.
    It's hard not using chemicals on my hair, I usually colour it all the time lol.
    My hairdresser said they do an organic dye, so I think I'll have to have that done.
    Thanks for the comments, and I'll let you know what happens :) *hugs*

  3. Hi Christina!

    (hugs) I hope you feel better, I can't imagine how you must feel or how hard it is for you. You have my best wishes and I hope happier days are head of you.

    You got some really nice stuff. Those nail polishes look super pretty. I heard the primer is super good so I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it.

    Have a great night. :)

  4. Hey Kalmo thanks,*hugs* :)
    I'm hoping the hair will get better soon :)

    I used the primer today, and I really is good, Im quite shocked.
    It reminds me of the L'oreal professional primer that comes in a little jar (Itried a sample of it).
    I have blackheads and big pores on my nose, and with this primer they've vanished. It's good :) x


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