Sunday, 20 September 2009

Today and Yesterday Haul, Plus my hairloss.

So this is a depressing post for me, but I want to write it just in case someone else out there has started suffering from this, also I'd like to read back on my thoughts and feelings one day.
So in a way, it's a selfish post.

On Thursday night I lost a holy hell of a lot of hair, a huge bunch came out when I was washing it. I spent the whole night crying, and mum was shocked at the amount too.
I was meant to start back at college on Friday, but didn't go in because I was very broken up about my hair, and had spent the whole night in a state.

It is a really hard thing to go through, especially when you love your hair and are quite vain about your looks ( I don't look in the mirror every minute, but I like to make an effort).
So on Friday me and mum went to Boots and I bought some Alpecin shampoo and liquid stuff which is caffeine based. We'll see how it goes, I'd love to write back here in a few months and say it worked so it would give other people some hope.
I've popped some pictures on here for you so you can see my hair loss, I didn't want to show my baldness but I feel that I need to show, for people to sort of understand ( I don't want pity or anything, I just want to show what happens).

Ok, onto the other thing that's more exciting Henna :) I decided to get this today because when my blonde roots come though it makes me look even balder, so from now on I'm going to be using Henna or organic dyes.
The picture below shows the henna colour on my hair, it makes it shiny :)
I also bought a L'oreal Double Extension Mascara, I'll use this tomorrow and tell you how it feel and how well it works :)

If anyone has experienced hair loss or knows someone that has, could you tell me what has worked as I'm willing to try anything, thanks :)

Oh and I'm thinking of using a clip in fringe/ bangs to cover up my stupid bald patch, I'll let you know how it goes, I'm not looking forward to using one but I don't want people staring at me either.

Sorry for this very boring, very unglamorous post, but I needed to vent .


  1. You are so brave for posting this, I really admire your courage.

    A few years ago I went through a period of very bad illness and lost a lot of hair. One of the things that made a huge difference to me was liquid silica gel. I took a tablespoon a day and within 4 weeks my hair stopped falling out.It took about 6 to 8 months for my hair to get back to it's original condition.

    I hope you find something that works for you!

  2. Hi Christina,

    You are very strong to post this, I imagine the ordeal is quite difficult. My sister is going through the same thing and is trying Women's Rogaine. Many extensions/hair clips look real. I don't think people will be staring though and if they are, they have no manners! I like this post, not boring at all! Informative.

  3. I understand what you are going through. I had the same thing happen to me last year after a traumatic event. Actually my hair is pretty find to begin with , but after my breakup I was partially bald. I then started to use Rogaine 2% and after about 6 months , it all came back. The sad thing is, I probably have to use this all my life, but this is just encouragement for you cuz there are ppl out there with the same thing. *hugs*

  4. Hi glossqueen thank you :) I've just been looking up about the silica liquid, I think I will try this. I did have the Bioforce Hubner Silica but I ran out, and bought a different brand a few weeks ago, and I don't think they're working as well for me. So I'm going to ask my healthshop to order the liquid for me :)
    I'm glad your hair loss has gotten back to its original condition. Thanks for telling me, it gives me some hope, and it's nice to hear from people who have gone though it and come out ok :) x

    Hi Kalmo :) I don't know if I'm brave,lol I dont feel it, but thanks :) Is your sister ok? Does she use extensions? I hope her hair gets better soon :)
    Im going to get some clip ins and see how they work :) x

    Hi caffy, thanks *hugs Back* I did want to ask my doctor about rogaine but everytime I go I forget,lol.
    It's amazing how stress and things can do this to hair, its really shocking. Did you see a dermatologist about your hair? I'm going to ask my dr to refer me to one, so i can find out what hairloss Im experiencing, whether its TE or Female pattern. Thanks for messaging me, I really appreciate it. :) x

    Thanks again for the comments girls, its good to hear from people that know what I'm going through, when you have hairloss it can feel quite lonely. *hugs* x

  5. Christina, you have nothing to be ashamed of! I think we owe it to ourselves and also to our readers to be as honest about "beauty" as possible. We all have things about ourselves that we would like to change. Mine happen to be my stretchmarks on my upper thighs. They are quite embarassing for me. I have never had to deal with hairloss, but I think your beautiful! Thank you for being so brave and writing about this

  6. Aw Christina, don't be upset! You're such a pretty girl, a little bit of missing hair is nothing. I know I'd totally freak out if it happened to me, and I wouldn't have the guts to post about it like you. But everything has a solution! I hope the products you bought work out well, and meanwhile, I'll ask my mum if she knows about any natural remedy (or cause) for this. =)

  7. Hey Marcela, thanks. Hairloss really is crap. I have freaked out a hell of a lot about it,lol. I'm going to phone the hairdressers tomorrow to find out if they have some clip in fringes they said they'd order for me :) So I'm looking forward to that.
    Hey thanks for asking your mum, it will be really interesting to find out what I can use.
    I am using some rosemary, cedarwood and geranium essential oils with jobajoba oil (can't remember how its spelt,lol) and massaging it into my scalp everyday.I'm hoping it will help.
    Thanks for the comment :) x

  8. Hi Christina,

    No my sister does not have extensions. She's trying prenatal vitamins to make her hair grow thicker. So am I actually but to make it grow faster. ? I had extensions a few years back and they're a lot of upkeep and really expensive ($500 in the U.S. for the sewn in kind). I think clip ins are a good option, not as stressful on the roots either.

  9. Hi Kalmo, I hope the vitamins help your sister, I'm taking a load of vits too. I read Brewers Yeast is good, so I take that.
    I have some Clip in extensions, but the hair on them is really thick and my hair is baby fine, so it kinda looks and feels weird mixed in with my hair. I'm going to get my sister to give them a cut for me this weekend, so they blend in better. I might buy some different ones one day too, when I get some money,hehe. :) x

  10. Thanks for posting! I think that posts like these are very helpful & by sharing these experiences others can also relate. Although I've shed alot of hair in recent years I'm not in bad shape. I notice with me & other women I've talked to about hair shedding (alot) is that it happens in your mid-late 20's. Mine shed like crazy after 25, so much that I could feel the hair stream down my body in the shower. Most recently (in my early 30's now) it doesn't shed as much. I've been taking a Multi-vitamin & NutriCap. Some other good rec's are biotin, omega3and silica as mentioned. Also, I would go to your doctor to check your thyroid, that could contribute to hair loss big time. Goodluck & keep us updated:)


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