Sunday, 13 September 2009

Back to studying next week.

Next Friday I will be back studying for my art degree and I'm pretty damn nervous.

In March I had to suspend my studies until this September due to illness and stuff, so next Friday I will be starting from scratch again and meeting new people (and explaining to some from my old class where I have been).

So tonight I've been doing a quick sketch trying to get back into the art mind frame and trying to pull myself away from obsessing about makeup and beauty products (it's going to be hard).

So here's a sketch of a Giraffe,lol, its not that good but I thought I'd put it on here since I've spent an hour on it.


  1. This is really good! You're very talented. And you sort of remind me of Bryce Dallas Howard, well in your pic at least. And that's a compliment lol I think she's pretty. Cute blog!

  2. Hey, thank you :)
    I've never heard of her but I'll take a look now :D x

  3. I think your very talented! I can't draw to save my life. I know getting back to studying is hard though. I find myself day-dreaming of clothes and makeup during class when I should be paying attention! It's my last year in college, and i am very tired of being a full-time student!

  4. Hey Beautygirl,thanks, I never feel talented, I think I need to work much harder at it.
    I'm only just now starting my course again, so I have 3years until I finish, feels like ages.I'd like to do a masters too, and travel a bit, but I'm getting old,lol.
    What are you studying? I bet you're glad its your last year :) x


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