Saturday, 12 September 2009

Tiny Haul.

I popped just to my Local small town today which is really like a small village ( I think the population is 2000 or something), anyway I popped into Boots in need of something.
So I looked around for a bit, and decided I'd get the Maybelline Color Sensation lippie in Ambre Rose. I have a thing for pink natural looking lippies lately (its a new fetish).

When I was in Boots playing around with this l/s I thought it reminded me of Nars' Lipgloss in Orgasm, but when I got home and compared it I realised Orgasm is much more peachy.

(See how wrong I was?)lol.

I have to say this l/s does feel quite moisturising which is something I love a l/s to have, but it doesn't have much staying power. I do think this l/s is worth purchasing though, and it's quite cheap at approx £6.

The other thing I bought was Weleda's Wild Rose Deodorant, and I'll tell you it smells gorgeous. If you've ever tried Weleda's Wild Rose Face creams, you will know how gorgeous this stuff smells, because it smells exactly like the creams :)

I personally don't like using deodorants that contain aluminium, so that is why I bought this as the Lush deodorants don't really work for me and are quite a hassle to use (because I'm lazy).

Anyway that's my haul, thanks for looking :)


  1. Nice haul and I love your new layout!

  2. I desperately want that maybelline lipstick! It's a lovely colour :)
    I love your blog :)


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