Saturday, 19 September 2009

I think you are an awesome girl- Tag Award

I was Tagged by the lovely Crystal thank you :)

Rules are: Ten facts about myself and tag ten blogs.

So here goes:
1. I am a vegetarian, I have been since I was 12. In a Welsh lesson we were shown how animals were slaughtered, and I've been veggie since.

2. I love Rabbits,lol. I have a house bunny called Basil, hes a proper pet and sits by the fire and sits on everyones laps too.
We also have Daisy who gave birth to 7 other little bunnies, and I know this is mad but I'm keeping them all, not in the house, but they're going to have a nice shed for winter.

3. I'm petrified of big spiders. I don't mind the small ones, but the big house spiders, ugh. I can't stand them.

4. I'm creative, love art and I'm creative with house things and I've even blinged my old mobile phones in swarovski crystals in the past.

5. I buy too many magazines, I get Glamour, Cosmo, Marie Clair, In style, Elle every month and I don't even read much of them, which is bad,lol.

6. I live in Wales which is a small country in the UK (not many people know Wales is a separate country to England). I speak Welsh, even though I'm quite rusty,lol. My dads fluent Welsh, but we were brought up speaking English, as my mum is English.

7. I hate fur and hunting.

8. Had my heart completely broken by my ex fiance last year, and haven't been able to find anyone I really like since. Plus it was hard to get over as we'd been together 5years, and he cheated on me while doing his Masters degree and told me via text that he had cheated. I never spoke to him again, didn't even reply to the text. Though I will always love him in a way, because of the times we had together and what we shared.

So now I want a man who looks like Patrick Dempsey or George Lamb,lol. Not gonna happen, but I'll dream. A mix of both will do. I love geeky, dark haired guys.
Where are you lol?.

9. I love Tea, can't get enough of it. I'm having one right now :P

10. I'm petrified of heights too, I'm a huge wimp.

So I shall tag the following for this :)

Marcela S. P.I
Cambo Soup
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Lipstick Rules
* Makeup Passion Chic *


  1. it looks like we have a lot in common ;) So nice to learn more about my fellow blog girls! Thank you for the tag, I already did it as I was also tagged by Crystal as well! But you are so sweet to think of me.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this Christina! It was nice to learn more about you! I'm scared of spiders too! :-)

  3. Hey Noelle, it's really good to learn more about fellow blog girls :) x

    Hey Crystal thanks for the tag again :) Spiders are the worst,lol. x

  4. Thanks for the tag! I love reading the answers to these.

  5. You're so cool to be vegetarian. Aww I love rabbits too, owned a black one called Hersey as a child. ^^ Fur and hunting is def. very bad and should be done away with! Hehe I knew Wales was a different country because I did a report on it as a child! Sorry to hear about your jerk ex-fiance, you're very strong to post about it and move on with your life. :) Thanks for the tag girl. I've ton a few like this if you're interested, please go to my blog and click the tag label.

  6. Hi Lipstick Rules, I love reading these things too :) x

    Hey Kalmo, lol rabbits are lovely, I love them all,.
    I had a friend once who didnt know where wales was, hehe (probably because Wales is crap :P hehe). I'm, glad you know where it is though :)
    I'll check out your tags,it will be interesting :) x

  7. Is that moi I spot there? Thankyou! =) It's nice to know a bit more about you, will be doing this asap!

  8. Hey Marcela :) yeah it is a tag for you :) I'll look forward to reading yours soon :) x


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