Thursday, 10 September 2009

The I'm Very Boring with Make up FOTD!!

Ok, so today I got up late and didn't go out, but felt I needed to pop some slap on because if I didn't I'd feel depressed,lol.

So anyway I've been eating really healthy lately. Lots of nuts, fruit, beetroot and carrot juice and I drink a fair bit of camomile tea, plus I take silica, brewers yeast and a biotin supplement and my skin seems much nicer.

So today I just wore a tiny bit of studiofix powder which is something I just carry around in my bag for the sake of the mirror and some touch ups, but I found it quite nice on my skin today :)

I'm also using Gosh's Velvet Touch foundation Prime underneath that, and it really does make everything go on much smoother (I need to review it).

I'm using Macs moisturecover concealer (my usual thing these days) and I'm actually using Macs MSF in Redhead ( I forgot I had this,oops).
The eye makeup today was just very quickly put on and I just sort of popped it on quickly and I used the bobbi brown shimmering nudes palette again (surprise, surprise,lol), and some plush lash.

On the lips I used Macs Hello Kitty lipgloss in Mimmy.

The whole face took me under 10mins, because I felt too lazy :P


  1. Congrats on being good about eating healthy and taking supplements! MAC MSF Redhead looks wonderful on you and it sound considering your lovely hair! Beautiful FOTD!

  2. Hey Kalmo thank you :D
    I kinda like healthy eating, but I will get a day when I'll probably eat a ton of junk food,lol.
    I think I need to start using the redhead msf more :) x

  3. Hi! I started looking through your blog and am curious about the diet. I went to an ayurvedic doctor for my skin too and she told me to eat *really* healthy and I've improved a lot!!! So if that's the case, keep it up! =)
    And the makeup looks gorgeous, so not boring! I spot a couple of my favourites there too!

  4. Hey Marcela thanks :) yeah it seems that what you eat really does show on the outside.
    I love seeing some girls bright eye makeup, but it never suits me (plus I'm quite lazy when putting makeup on,lol).
    Thanks for following :) x


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