Wednesday, 9 September 2009

L'oreal Wrinkle DE-CREASE Collagen filler - Lips

Product: L'oreal Wrinkle DE-CREASE COLLAGEN FILLER Double Action - Lip + Lip Contour (long name).

Price: £13 Approx

Where to purchase: Boots or superdrug (in the UK).

Product Description: This product is a double ended product which has a Lip contour smoothing cream on one end, and a Lip plumping cream on the other.
L'oreal claims this product 'defines lip contour, re-plump lips. Lips look visibly younger'.

The Lip contour side contains collagen Biospheres which on the back of the packaging says 'Collagen biospheres absorb into the upper layers of the skin. On contact with water naturally present in skin, they inflate up to 9 times their volume'.
Sounds good.

Then step 2 is the Lip Plumping Cream which is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, which is meant to help re-plump lips for a natural looking effect.
L'oreal says ' Hyaluronic Acid works to lock in water naturally present in the skin to help hydrate and re-plump.

Application: This product comes in two steps.
The first step is to apply the Lip contour smoothing cream around the lip line (around where you'd put your lip liner).
You then massage it into the skin.
Next you apply step 2, the Lip Plumping cream, you apply this directly to your lips, and massage it in ( I like to tap excess cream into the skin).
The packaging says to apply it morning and night, and that it is an excellent base for makeup.

What I think: I knew when buying this I wasn't going to achieve Angelina Jolie sized lips (gave up on that years ago), but now that I'm getting older I felt that I needed abit more of a skincare routine for my lips, other than vaseline.
I can't say I have seen a massive difference in my lips, but I do notice that they look a little more plumped, more than when I was just using lip balm and vaseline.
I do like that I feel I'm giving my lips a treat and that's sort of why I like this product.

Would I buy again: I could live without this product, but I do really like it, so YES I would buy it again, even if for the feeling of being pampered,lol.

I'm new to reviewing, so I hope that little review made some sense. If you have any questions I will try to answer them for you the best I can :) x


  1. Thanks for the awesome review and pictures! I want to get rid of some lines on my lips because they age me but I have fatty lips so I don't want them any bigger. XD I like the packaging!

  2. @Kalmo cool thanks :D Im scared of getting lines around my lips. I'm turning 26 in october, and it's made me think that I'm getting closer to 30 now, hell scary, I don't even act 21 let alone 25,lol. The packaging is cool, its nice and compact, I carry it in my handbag :) x


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