Saturday, 12 September 2009

NOTD (or should that be Night?)

(yes I did some sloppy application tonight,lol).

It's really late here (almost 4am) and I can't sleep, so I just painted my nails with this NYC nail varnish.
I've had it for like a year or two, and it's always floating around my nail varnish box, so I just thought I'd give it a chance tonight and put some on, an it's really quite nice. Its a cute baby, powdery pink shade.
I'm not sure what the shade is but has the number I108A.

Ooh also, the Mac nail varnish I ordered on Saturday, finally arrived today. Mac have changed their delivery in the UK to DHL (and I don't find it very good, to be honest, was much quicker with the previous service).
And this is the polish I ordered.

Yes, its Cool Reserve, Woohoo.
I've been looking for this sort of dirty lilac for ages, since Macs Rose Romance collection (they had a very similar colour with that collection, can't remember what it was called?).
Anyway I'm going to pop this lovely colour on my nails on Sunday, because Sunday is home manicure day for me, and I shall then take some pics :)

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