Monday, 12 October 2009

Its my Birthday! Mac, Bobbi Brown and Perfume Goodies :)

So today I celebrate my 26th birthday (well I'm actually upset I'm getting old,lol and bdays arent the same when you're single :( ),
so I had a few goodies I want to show you all :)

First of all I bought some perfume with some money I had off some relatives, and because I fancy a change I bought the new YSL Parisienne perfume which
I have to say is gorgeous, it's a floral/fruity scent which I love.There are notes of Damask Rose, violet, peony, cranberry, patchouli, vetiver, musk and sandalwood, I also read there is some Vanilla and blackberry in there too.
I also bought my old time favourite and my signature scent as I always go back to this one, I've been wearing it since 2002,lol its the Givenchy Hot couture, another floral/fruity fragrance :)
This one has Raspberry nectar, vetiver, white mus
k and jasmine. Love it.

I also had a few items from Mac with some Bday moneyz :)
I bought the Mac Fibre Lash mascara, as after using the l'oreal double extension mascara for a while, I needed a change, I wanted something that would feel softer on the lashes and be more buildable.
The double extension mascara is very hard to remove, and com
es off like some sort of glue.

The next item is something I've fancied for ages which is the springsheen blush. It's a pretty peachy/pink blush with a golden glow, its really pretty :)
IDreamOfMac recommended this blush too :)

I also had my first ever paint pot :) in Bare study, which is a pretty champagne gold, and very light feeling when applied. This paint pot was reviewed by JUICYGIRL the other day, and her review made me take the plunge to buy it, and I'm pleased I did.

So yeah, had quite a bit from Bobbi Brown and I feel greedy for having this lot.
I'm not going to do any swatches tonight, and I haven't played around with the palette and blush much so I will do a separate post for this.
All I'll say about the palette is 'It's Gorgeous'.

And here is the OLE Birthday Girl today.
In the pic I'm wearing my new Bobbi Brown Foundation, Bobbi Brown creamy concealer,Mac Springsheen blush, Mac Fibre Lash Mascara, Bobbi Brown e/s from Palette (the 1st three colours in the palette), and the Bobbi Brown Color Gloss :)

I think I've remembered everything :)
Thanks for Looking X


  1. Happy belated birthday christina! You got some amazing makeup ;) I looove spending birthday money on beauty items!

  2. Happy Birthday! Your new goodies are so pretty.

  3. i really want the YSL parisienne! xx

  4. Hope you had a great birthday ! I'll look forward to your thoughts on that Bobbi Brown palette, I saw it instore recently and was quite tempted :)

  5. Hey Noelle, thank you :) Birthdays are great for buying more makeup hehe. :)

    Hey GlossQueen Thank you :)

    Hey Kerry, you should get it, its a really pretty perfume :)

    Hey Replica thank you, I shall do a post on the Bobbi Brown palette soon, its a really lovely palette. :)

  6. Happy Birthday! You got lots of great stuff! :-)

  7. Awww I'm so sorry I missed out on congratulating you on your birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day, you deserve it =)
    What lovely pressies, I'm so excited for you! They all look fabulous! But don't forget, the best presents (chessiness coming up!) are having friends and family around, the possibility of good health, food and shelter! XO

  8. Thanks Marcella :) My day was good thanks :) I felt really greedy with all the goodies,hehe.
    Ooh yeah, Chessiness (good name to call it hehe), I love it, the family come around and everything :) x


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