Monday, 19 October 2009

Quck FOTD and Jemma Kidd Book

It's been a week since I posted last, and it's been sort of a busy week and everything, but I'm not going to burden you with that.

I thought I'd post a quick fotd of me wearing the Earth Metal Bobbi Brown Palette, which is my favourite at the moment.

I've been using Mac e/s for a long time now, and have loved them, but for some reason could never get them to show up very much on my eye lids (which is probably down to how I apply them, maybe), but since using the Bobbi Brown E/S I'm in love.
It doesn't take much to get them to stand out, they are so pigmented and really a dream to apply, they also blend very easily into one another.

In this picture (sorry for the crap grin) I'm wearing the lovely Silver colour called Zinc, and Earth Metal blended into the outer corners and crease. On the lower lid I'm wearing Sunset Gold, I wanted to clash some colours :)

Next thing I'm going to show you is this lovely book by Jemma Kidd, I have to say I'm really excited about this book (haven't read it all, yet).
This book covers all the Basics of Makeup and more.

There are beautiful illustrations, and step by step guides.

I have bought many beauty books over the years, but in my opinion this has to be the best :)
So if you can get your mitts on it, buy it. I really recommend it.


  1. Thats a really pretty look, I'm wondering whether the last two colours maybe a bit too warm for me though, I'm torn now as to whether to get this or hold out for the Chrome palette. What is the lip colour you are wearing, looks really nice and natural.

  2. Hey Replica,thanks :) umm to be honest I thought the silver colours would be too cold for my complexion because I like to warm mine up with golds, because im fair,but the silvers do work, so maybe the golds might work for you? It really is a nice palette though,I really love it. :) x

  3. Love that simple FOTD! Looks gorgeous on you! I have no problem with most MAC shadows...they're not the best out there, probably, but I have no issues with them. What do yo apply them with? I'd love to start collecting make-up books, but there're hardly any here, so it's sorta difficult. =/
    BTW, I forgot to say that I envy you for getting Springsheen! I've been wanting it for ages! And I'll be sure to check out Parisienne, I like floral / fruity fragrances, but of the fresh type.
    Hope all's well, XO!

  4. Hey thanks Nicole :)

    Hey Marcella, thanks :)
    I usually use a Mac brush to apply the mac shadows (cant remember the number on the brush),I've used primers too, but they've never stood out :S It's probably that I'm useless at applying.
    I love makeup books, I've been a little obsessed with them since I had my first Bobbi Brown book when I was 13,hehe.
    I buy most books off Amazon,the bookshop where I live doesn't have many makeup books.
    I've been wanting springsheen for ages, but I've always ended up getting other colours for some reason.
    Parisienne is gorgeous,its nice and soft, and every time I smell it, it makes me happy I bought it :)
    Hope you're well :) x

  5. This book came into the mag that we work at and we totally agree, it's by far superior to others! Love your pretty shimmer palette, so pretty!

    You have an amazing blog!

    we'll definitely be back!

    come follow us at TBAG :) xx

  6. Hi! I have given you a blog award, please check my blog! XX

  7. You're so pretty, love the EOTD! Bobbi Brown makes the best taupe colors and neutrals. I love reading beauty books, I'll have to check this out at the bookstore next time. :)

  8. ohh love that shadow!Great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog . Follow mine as I will yours xo

  9. I love makeup books, have you ever read any of the Bobbi Brown ones? They are my favourite! xo em

  10. Hey The Beautiful and Glammed, Catanya, Kalmo, Andee Layne and Emily I was just checking through comments and I thought I'd replied to you all, but i must have not pressed the publish comment thingy sorry :( I'm such as dumbass sometimes. I remember writing comments, but don't know what happened :S I'm really sorry.
    Thank you all for commenting.

    The beautiful and glammed I'm glad you love the book too, and I'm following your blog now too :) x

    Catyana, thanks for the tag :) x

    Kalmo, thank you :) I hope you're doing ok? :) x

    Andee Layne thank you, I shall check your blog now :) x

    Emily I have two Bobbi Brown books, I bought my first ever when I was about 13 and I still have it and love it :) I bought the most recent one too :) x


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