Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Blog Award

Yay an award :)
The lovely Catanya and Marcella (check out their great blogs) awarded me this blog award, I'm really sorry its taken me a while to do but I shall do it now, I have a few other tags to catch up on too.

The rules for this award are as:
Thank the blogger who awarded you and link her.
Put the picture of the award in your blog.
Award 7 bloggers and link them.Tell them you awarded them.
Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself!

I don't feel very interesting right now, but I shall try :)

1. I love rabbits, I was bought a pet rabbits when I was 8 and have loved them ever since. I have 9 at the moment.

2. I'd love to become an artist one day, but at the moment its not going to plan.

3. I'm a very shy person, but once you know me I can be really cheeky :P

4. I don't like wags or celebrities that are famous for the sake of celebrity.

5. Hate Fur, and don't understand why people wear it.

6. I pick at my blackheads all the time, that it makes them worse but I can't stop.

7. I love tea.

I shall award this award to (in no particular order).



  1. Thanks sweetie! I actually already did this tag, but I appreciate it none the less! come to think of it, I think I tagged you for it as well, but just forgot to mention it to you. oops ;)

  2. congrat for the award. keep spirit. thanks. i follow your google. please visite and do the same. bye


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