Friday, 13 November 2009

My Must haves for November 09

I thought I'd just tell you all about some products I'm really loving right now,
and they deserve a shout out.

First off is Elemis' Absolute Eye Serum.

The other week I was really depressed about my dark circles so I called in a little beauty shop in my local small town.
I walked through the door and the lady who works there is 80, but you would never be able to really tell, she looks 60 and she's really young at heart and groovy, and you can tell she loves her job with passion.

Anyway I told her that I have dark circles and as soon as I'd said it, she whipped out this serum from behind the counter.
She told me that all the women she sells it to, love it.

So there on the counter sat the silver box looking at me, as she went on saying how good it was.
I was dreading the price of it, so I eventually asked her how much it was, as I was thinking she was going to say £40.

She told me £25, and it was sold.

I've used it day and night and I absolutely love it.

I feel that my dark circles look lighter now than they did before, I never expect my dark circles to disappear as they are mainly hereditary, but this product has done more for my circles than any other product.
The skin around my eye area also feels firmer and smoother than before.

This serum is a great base for makeup I must add too.

I was actually shocked to learn that Elemis is a British company, I always thought it was French for some reason.
You can find out more about Elemis Absolute Eye Serum HERE.

Right the next product is Roc's Hydra Bio Active Moisturiser.

I found this product for a mere £4 in Savers ( a cheap drug store in the UK) and I snapped it up.
My skin always feels tight and dry through the winter months so I love a product that is moisturising but not greasy, and this product does that.

It is also a great base under my foundation (I use Bobbi Browns Skin Foundation), it also contains a SPF 15 , nourishing Omega oils 3 & 6 and antioxidants.
My skin feels really soft, supple and kinda plumped :)

I think I will be using this moisturiser through the winter months.

Last but not least is one of my favourite products of all time Talika's Lipoclis.

I bought this last Christmas as a treat for myself and was really impressed by the results.
I did run out of it however, and I couldn't afford to buy anymore, until now that is (well I couldn't really afford it, I just scrimped on other things).

When I start using this I always notice results within a weeks use, even though on the packet it says that it takes 28days.
It doesn't give you those huge lashes Lilash gives, but for me this is good enough :)

I have really bad allergies from my pet rabbits, so I'm always rubbing my eyes and losing lashes, but with this they stay stronger and don't fall out as much.

I also get longer, lusher lashes, which makes applying mascara more fun :)

For the good results use morning and night for 28 days, then once a day thereafter.
The mascara wand applicator makes this product really easy to apply from root to tip also, and when rubbing into the roots, makes application feel that you are massaging those roots for extra stimulation to make lashes grow faster.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. I'm glad the Elemis eye serum is working for you. The lady at the store sounded so sweet and nice. 80 but looking 60? Awesome!

    Am a new follower! Lovely blog! :)

  2. god do i hope i look 60 when i am 80!
    thats a pretty good price for an eye treatment

  3. Yay for the groovy old lady and her serum! I don't know any of the brands...well, except for ROC, we have that here too. Nice reviews, though. I'm glad to read your hair is stronger and growing, yipee!

  4. ooo so you'd defo recommend the Elemis Eye serum ?? Ive heard a few good things and a few bad things ... but im think i really want to try it ... ??

    Your blogs cute ...

    Check mine out ... Follow aswell ??

    x <3 x

  5. Hey sugarAndSpice, yeah I'd really recommend it :) I've had really bad dark circles since my teens and nothing has ever done much for them,but this one has lightened them up a bit. It hasn't gotten rid of them,but they look better than they did :) I did try following your blog before but it wouldn't let me :S I just tried just now though, and its let me, yay :) x

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  7. I wouldnt say therer really bad dark circles but i notice them and always try to cover them up ... i think i'll have to pick it up when im next in Selfridges or Harvey Nicholls ....

    aww thanks honey for following

    x <3 x


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