Thursday, 29 April 2010


How do everyone, I hope everyone is all well and happy.
I've recently been very addcited to Dior products.
It started out being addcited to Dior Addict perfume and it has gradually gone from there, and has grown quite quickly in the last few weeks.
I just thought I'd blog to show you all how beautiful these products are, and I've been pleasantly surprised with the quality of all of them.

To Start off we have the DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Foundation.
This is a gorgeous foundation and has a '100% blend of mineral pigments and energising mineralized water' as Dior says. This has to be one of the freshest, most light and natural feeling foundations I have tried.
It gives good coverage withour caking or looking fake, it just makes you're skin look luminous. Since I've been wearing this foundation people have told me how well I look lately (and I can tell you it's not from my diet).
I was a BIG fan ot Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation and Bourjois' 10hr effect makeup, but since using this 'pah' I haven't even looked at them.

I also purchased DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Sculpting Powder Makeup as I was so impressed by the foundation.
During the summer months I like something light on my skin, so this looked perfect, and it is exactly that :)
Again this compact is filled with the energizing mineral water Dior speak of, and whatever is in this gorgeous, glam looking compact, it does the trick.
They say with this compact you can use the skin coloured powder to give a flawless look to skin.
Use the darker coloured powder for contouring and the light pink one (in Sable Roses' case) for illuminating eye contours and giving a halo of light, I like using it as a highlighter and I like using the darker middle powder as a bronzer.
However you can always just swirl the three colors together for a luminous tailor-made colour :)
That's what I like about this compact you can create several looks with it, depending on your mood.

As I like a natural look makeup on my eyes I bought Diors 5 color palette in 705 Beige Massai.
The colours are gorgeous and perfect for a natural look. The peachy colour is probably my favourite as it really suits my eye colour and makes them pop. I usually use the darkish, reddish brownie colour in the outer corner too.
The eyeshadows are very nicely pigmented and blend very well into eachother.
I was going to purchase Incognito, but I'm so glad I bought this one.

I know many people either love or hate this Dior Color Reviver Balm, but I'm going to say I absolutely love it :)
I know it's expensive, but it feels so nice and soft on and gives your lips a kissable pink colour that looks fresh.
I'm also a huge lover of Dior's Lip packaging, it makes it feel so glamourous, I feel like Dita VonTeese when I apply them, hehe.

This next product is very new to me, I've only had it a few days so I'm not going to say too much about it, as I want to see if it does actually improve lips in 15days. I will tell you though as a Lip Plumper this one does not give that bee stung feeling that many other brands give e.g Lip Injection and DuWops lip Venom. This one feels slighty cooling and has a lovely vanilla scent to it, yum.
What I did like in the description of this plumper is though that Dior says 'Lips that look tranformeed in just 15days: Lips feel rehydrate and restructured. Lip contour is redefined day after day', and that's what sold me. I will also say though so far this doesn't give you a horrible sticky, gluey residue that a lot of plumper gives, and my lips do feel moisturised.
Another thing is it lasts after a few cups of tea too :D

I've been eyeing these Dior Rouge De Serum Lippies since before Christmas, but the expensive price tag of £24 kept putting me off for some reason.
These lippies claim to have 10times more lip ingredients than other lipsticks and will redefine lips in 4weeks and regain their curves.
And well after using for about 2weeks I have to say they're nicer than any other lipstick I have tried. They feel moisturising, last pretty well for a lipstick and I just like that fact that I feel that when I wear these lipsticks I feel that I'm doing my lips some good.
That is one reason why I love French Brands, they always seem to know what's good skincare wise.
The other thing with these lip colours is that they come in quite neutral colours, I bought 64 Soft Pink Serum which is a light lip colour for me, but I think it looks good and looks natural :)

And to the product that started my whole Dior Craze, Dior Addict perfume.
I just absolutely love this warm,creamy, vanilla, sandlewood perfume. I'd say it's a definate romantic late dinner perfume, but I do like wearing it on cold rainy days, as it just smells so sexy :)

The other perfume is Dior's Miss Dior Cherie Eau De Toilette which is the softer, more floral version of the Parfum in my opinion. It isn't as sweet as the edp, but it's lovely for summer.

And there you have my small Dior Addiction :)

Thanks for reading XxX


  1. have you tried Doir Show mascara? my fave :) xxx

  2. Hi city Girls, Yes I tried it about 2years ago and loved it. The only thing I hated was the price, so I started using Mac's Plushlash. I probably will buy it again one day though :) xxx

  3. Lovely products! Your skin really lookd amazing with the foundation! I really want to try it out, I need a good foundation. Thanks for the reviews and swatches!

  4. :O your skin looks so flawless with that foundation x

  5. Ooh didn't know I had anymore comments, I need to check more often.

    Hey Crystal thanks :) x

    Hey Marce, you should defo check outDior's foundation, I love it :) x

    Hi Fern :) thanks, I love this foundation :) x

  6. i've never bought anything dior
    i might have to now though, it looks lovely <3
    although i'll always be achanel girl at heart, i've just posted some photos of my chanel collection-seems like something you'd like :)



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