Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I'm BACK!!! :)

Hi everyone :)
Appologies for not posting in AGES!
I've had no internet for the past few months due to a fault with the internet people (long horrible, tedious story).
However I am back now :)
I've missed the blogging commu
nity loads.
Anyway I bought these products the other day have been very excited about them, and I have to share them with you.
Being the Eco, Organic freak I am when I heard about Une cosmetics (made by Bourjois) I had to have some!!
So when it came to Superdrug in my town the other day (I
live out in the wilderness, so we get everything late), I was instantly in love with the clean cut packaging and uniqueness of it :)

Une are on 3 for 2 in Superdrug, so I took advantage of this.
I bought the cream to powder eyeshadow called 'Nude eye shadow' and well the colour N05 is exactly that, NUDE!
But that is good, it's what I've been wanting for ages. I can wear this colour as a base or just apply it on its own for a natural look.
You can apply it by either using your fingers or a brush, it's up to your own preference (I lie using a brush though).
For a drug store product they're not exactly cheap, more high end drug store prices.
The Nude eye shadow was £8.99, but well worth it and I can see myself buying more very soon.

As shown above I also had the 'Breezy Cheeks Blush' in B03, which is the most gorgeous, natural blush colour I have come across in a long time.
It's a sort of rosy, flushed, natural pink colour.
It as well is a cream to powder like the eyeshadow, so you get a really natural result.
I used the Mac 188 brush to apply and was happy with the results.(as shown in the pictures below).
It like the eye shadow was £8.99 too.

As I'm almost out of my beloved Touch Eclat *Sniff* and I don't really have the money to fork out and get another, I thought I'd get the Une concealer to see if it would match up to touch eclat at all.
And well, nope it didn't!
The colour match is great, however it sinks into lines and pores and doesn't diminish dark circles like touch eclat does.
However I will be using it as I don't want to waste money or products.
The price for the concealer was £8.99 also.

Next is the new shade of red I have gone.

I've always coloured my hair a medium auburn, or sometimes a watermelon red as I liked the vibrancy of it.
However after watching Mad Men and seeing Christina Hendrick's hair, I fell in love with the copper tones and decided I'd go that colour.(picture taken from Daily Makeover website).
So I turned to Clairol's Nice and Easy Natural Golden Auburn 108, and it gave me the exact result I wanted :D
(As shown below).
I find that Nice and Easy always deliver a good red and they always last longer than L'oreal, which usually washes out within a week!!
So for £5.50 I find Nice and Easy a steal :)

Last up is a blush by Me Me Me.
I went to town the other week expecting to buy a benefit blusher, however when I was testing them out in Debenhams I felt that they weren't pigmented enough, and all felt a bit chalky or too shimmery (I'm not a fan of shimmer).
So I decided to go to superdrug to buy a new mascara instead (I bought Revlon's Grow Luscious, which I've forgotten to take pictures of today, but I'll do it soon) so I saw these little blushers and thought 'jackpot'.
So I played with them a bit, and I was happy enough with the pigmentation and softness of the powder to get one.
Complete Bargain at £6.49.
Mum even bought one for herself and she's not a blusher freak like me :p
The packaging is cute, and is a little cardboard box like the Benefit blushers. There's also a little mirror and brush inside, which I quite like, as it's very handy for traveling with.
I'd definitely recommend them :)

Anyway that's my first little waffle in a long, long time and I hope I made sense, I'm a little rusty at blogging at the moment.
I hope everyone is well and being great :)


  1. Yay I'm glad you're back! You look beautiful!

  2. Hey thanks :) I'm glad to be back. Can't wait to catch up on your blog :)

  3. Thanks rhaindropz, glad to be back :) *hugs*

  4. Hi..i know this thread is quite old but i have a question... i dyed my hair with a loreal semi permanent dark red colour.. it has almost faded now, is like a dark ginger. Basically i want to go this colour

    do you think if i put the clairol natural golden auburn onto my faded hair it will go this kind of colour? or should i go light blonde first then do it??? i just really dont want to mess it up!!! thank you:))

  5. Hi, please tell what color did you use in the uper 2 pictures? the dark auburn color, thats the color im looking for but cant find it..! cheers!


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