Thursday, 23 September 2010

More Une cosmetics and some randomness haul!

Hey everyone, I just thought I'd show you a haul from today :)
It's very random and I now have an addiction for Une cosmetics.

So I bought some Chamomile tea, I drink it every night as it helps me to drift off to sleep better and gives me a sounder sleep.
I haven't tried this tea I'm showing before, but because it's organic and has vanilla I'm sure it will be great. Can't wait to drink some.

I've recently fallen in love with Thierry Mugler's Womanity perfume after going into Debenhams every other day, and testing some. It compliments me perfectly. It's a very weird fragrance, it's fruity (due to the fig in it) and also has a salty mix (from the caviar note).
So I have ordered a giftset online (which wasn't instore yet) and I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival, hence the purchase of the Sweet Fig body wash :)
I'm not really sure about the brand of this bodywash is (Grand Tour) but it's free from parbens, mineral oils, harsh preservatives and artificial colours and smells sweet and woody at the same time. Also doesn't irritate my sensitive skin (I bathed in it earlier and it was lovely).

Right onto my new favourite beauty brand Une :D
I have 6 items in all now, and I still want MORE!!!

Today I had the 100% Mineral Foundation (which I have yet to use) I bought the lightest shade I think (was the lightest avaliable in the shop), which is M03.
As you can see I bought the Mineral form, there is also the pressed form which is a bit more expensive at £13.99, but the loose was £9.99 so I thought I'd try the cheaper one first ;)

Next up is the Lip-toned colour lipstick. I really couldn't decide between the Balm or this, but settled for this when I noticed the colour I wanted in the balm was sold out.
I bought colour L02 which was the lightest. It's a really sheer, fleshy lip toned lipstick.
It contains beeswax too, so that's great :)
I haven't tried it on yet, but I have some swatches to show you.
Oh and it cost £7.99.
Last of my Une products is the Multipurpose brush.
I'm not sure why, but I really like the look of this brush.
I believe it to be goats hair (i might be wrong though), this brush isn't soft it's pretty firm, but it's bristles aren't hard or scratchy.
And as it is a multipurpose brush I can use it for my mineral foundation or blusher.
This brush also was £7.99.

I also popped into TKMAXX today and bought these two little blouses/shirts, they just caught my eye and I had to HAVE!

Anyway that's where I leave it now, and wander off to get myself a cup of chamomile tea :) And head for bed.
Thanks for reading.

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