Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A few random accessories haul :) and NOTD

I popped to town today to buy some Christmas things, and while I did get one or two pressies I also picked these little accessories up :)
I know it's naughty buying things for myself so close to Christmas, but they were cheap (that's my excuse anyway :p ).
So first of all I bought some little pieces of cheap jewelery from Miss Selfridge. I'm not really a big jewelery wearer. Usually I only wear a plain silver ring or my silver and amber one, and I always wear my cross and St.Christopher necklaces, but lately I've been feeling a bit boring so thought I'd get some things on the sales.
I don't really like buying cheap novelty jewelery full price as I know I'll just be wasting money because I usually only wear them a few times, so that's why sales are great :)
I bought a little stack of gold Love rings for £2 :D and a gold heart bracelet for £3.
Yes I'm having a gold and red fetish it seems, hehe.
Look how cute they are :)


At the end of this week the weather people forecast snow for the UK, and I'm a bit of a beret lover so it was an excuse to buy a new one.
I get a really cold head so I always wear a hat through winter, I like being all snuggley and warm.
For the last few winters I have been a redhead, so I've had hats to compliment the red hair, but lately I've started going back to my roots and slowly started going blonde again (the blondeness doesn't show up very well in the picture below though).
And so the old hats I have now don't compliment the blonde hair. I think red goes nicely with blonde hair, sort of like red riding hood stylie ;)
The hat is from Topshop and was £8. It's nice and soft and contain mostly wool and angora :)

Also I thought I'd post an NOTD as I wore the 17 High Gloss Nail Polish in Risky Red by itself today without the Barry M Red Glitter polish (as was shown in a previous post).
I am actually still surprised by how smoothly this nail varnish goes on.
Sometimes I find some nail varnishes very thick and gloopy (even when new) to apply, but this sort of just slides on.
In the picture below I only used one coat, and it gave a good even finish and high shine.


  1. I love floppy berets! They always look so nice and keep you warm! I wish I could wear hats :[ xx

  2. I really love the heart bracelet

  3. i adore that ring and your new hat!! the polish looks divine, too!! the holidays always rage with the best deals - a little for you, a little for them :)



  4. The red hat is so cute on you!!

  5. red is the best colour for these days! i follow you!

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    So I follow you :)

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  8. <3 your blogg babes :)
    Follow mine?
    izzy xx

  9. Hi!

    Just want to say that you're amazing. So I'm a new follower!!!

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