Monday, 17 January 2011

Very LUSH Haul :)

On Saturday my Lush order arrived :D 
I wasn't expecting it to come so soon as I'd only ordered Thursday evening, but anyway I thought I'd share my goodies with you :)
I don't think I've ever made a Lush post, so it's about time I did as I've been purchasing from Lush on and off for years.
One of the reasons I love Lush is their no testing on animals policy, and that they always seem to come up with some crazy sounding, but gorgeous products :)

I've recently started to feel sick of winter. The short days, too much darkness, rain, snow and cold therefore I felt I needed a reminder of something summery and that's why I picked grass :D
I find this shower gel calming, but soft and fresh at the same time.
It reminds me of waking up in a tent somewhere in the wilderness, with the sun shining on the grass and the heat of the sun bringing out its smell.
I reckon many men will love this scent too.
Anyway it contains wheatgrass (which is great for the skin) and bergamot and neroil oils which are uplifting.

It's Raining Men was my other shower gel purchase. 
It's the shower gel version of the 'Honey I Washed The Kids' soap.
It's a very sweet, sickly (good sickly if you like sweet) and creamy scent.
I think many people will have tried this (was my first ever purchase years ago in the soap form), and is a very honey/caramel scent.
The good thing with the shower gel is that you can also wash your hair in it, so you get to have great smelling hair. 
And with honey being the main ingredient you know it's going to be kind to your hair :)

Keeping with the Honey theme I bought a Retro Honey Waffle soap.
The scent of this is a mixture of Sweet honey and floral as it contain Ylang-Ylang, so it can tend to be quite heady. I love it though.

Next up is the Karma solid perfume.
This was a sort of whim purchase.
I'm not sure why I bought this, but I'm very glad I did.
It's a lovely spicy, orange scent, with patchouli thrown in.
I've used it two days running now on my wrists and neck, it gives me a nice calming comforting feeling when I smell it now and then.
The only qualms I have is the orange colour, as it shows up on my skin.
Gorgeous product though.

Lush also Kindly threw in some samples (thanks Lush).

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Great haul! Lush never send me samples tho! Jealous xxx

  2. Wow you got loads of samples! Great haul. I haven't come across a single Lush poduct I didn't like.
    Zoe x
    My blog, DiamondSolitaire

  3. I love Lush, their stance on animal cruelty is very impressive to me too :)
    I really want to smell the Grass shower gel, does it smell at all of real grass?
    I like the idea of the honey one as a shampoo too, good haul!

  4. Hey Nic, thanks :) I think they sent samples because one item I ordered was out of stock :)

    Hey Zoe, Thanks :) Lush are great, I love them :)

    Hey Lillian, I love that they are free from animal cruelty I hate thinking of animals suffering for luxuries. The grass shower gel is quite a gentle fragrance, but yeah does smell of grass to me :)

  5. I need to try this company I have heard so many great things. I am a huge animal lover, and love the fact that they are standing up against animal cruelty!


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