Saturday, 22 January 2011

Moroccanoil and V05 Hot Oils

I've been meaning to blog about these for yonks, and I sort of forgot.
Well I purchased these last year, I bought the Moroccanoil treatment oil in April 2010 and the Moroccan Styling cream a month later.
Back then I was colouring my hair red and just really wanted to try these products as there was so much hype around them.

I read that the Moroccanoil treatment oil strengthens and conditions, revives hair and reduces drying time.
So I applied it to my hair and did actually find it pretty great.
My hair felt soft and silky.
I also use to put a bit of the oil into my hair colourant when dying my hair as I'd read somewhere that it helped to reduce damage.
Anyway I've been using it ages now, and have dyed my hair back to it's natural blonde, which I did at home by applying light ash blonde to my hair, over and over again. Which I don't recommend, it's best to go to a salon.

Anyway I reckon if it wasn't for this product my hair would be in far worse shape.
I was actually surprised that this products 3 top ingredients are silicone based (I don't mind, my hair benefits from it), but I would have though the Argan oil (the Moroccan oil) would have been higher up the list.
The bottle has almost lasted me a year and almost come to an end now, but I think it is good going since I was my hair everyday.
If my hair needs an extra bit of conditioning I apply the styling cream (or if I need less conditioning I only apply the styling cream, no oil).
What's great is the cream gives a light hold and you don't get any sticky residue or any hardness to your hair, it's still soft and silky :)

A recent rediscovery is V05 hot oils. I haven't used these since I was in secondary school. 
So I saw these in Boots and my hair felt a tiny bit parched after dying again, so I thought 'why not give them a go'.
I'm not sure if it's just me but they seem to be way better than they use to be.
My hair felt like straw the other week, and after using 2 of these (one a week) my hair feels soft and shiny :)
All you do is heat the little tube up in hot water for a minute or so.
Then apply to wet, unwashed hair and massage it in, then leave for one minute.
Then shampoo and condition as usual and that's it :)

 My hair now.


  1. thanks for sharing these products with us! i've heard many good things about moroccan oil, but this is the first time i've read a review on V05 hot oils. :)

    p.s. i am a new follower. :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. I am in LOVE with Moroccanoil. That stuff is so amazing and my hair feels so much better now that I'm using it!

  3. sono una nuova followers!
    Sei la benvenuta anche da me se ti fa piacere!

  4. iv been told to go nd us some of this hot oil - my hair is dying x

  5. I recently had a minor yet major mishap with my hair, so I'll be picking up some of these V05s ASAP!
    I have yet to try Moroccan Oil though!

  6. Your hair looks awesome!


  7. I really enjoyed reading this post.My hair got very damaged from the straightening iron and this sounds like a great fix :)I'd love it if you liked to follow each other.Let me know:)

  8. I follow you;)
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    Kiss Sele

  9. moroccan oil is a god send!

    I adore your blog, and am following

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  10. Heard so much about these, thansk for the review, is really helpful :).

    Helen, X

  11. love lovely blog soo cute will be following you!

    follow me if you like.

  12. I have marroccan oil too, I am satisfied for this time:)

  13. great blog post very interesting thanks for sharing xx


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