Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Recent Eyeshadow Haul

 So umm hey, remember me?

I've been meaning to blog for months, but didn't know where to start.  I'd tell myself I'd blog a week or two after purchasing an item so I could review properly, but then would sort of forget. Or would just not use the product frequently enough to talk about it.
But tonight I forget bugger it, I'll just post some swatches to contribute something :D

 So I thought tonight I'd start with some eyeshadows that I bought quite recently, say 3weeks ago.

The two top ones are L'oreal color infallible in 016 Coconut Shake (the light beigey one) and 012 Endless Chocolat. 
I was drawn to these eyeshadows because I'd read in a magazine that they were a powder/cream shadow. 
So when I went to try them in Superdrug I was expecting a creamy shadow, but when I touched them they were powder, but a creamy, velvety sort of texture powder. However they are nice and light and pretty pigmented. They apparently last upto 24hours to, but I usually don't wear makeup for that long to test whether that's the case or not :p
The only thing I'm a bit picky about is the packaging. When you open it there's a little lid on the eyeshadow, I know it's to keep it save and stop it from shattering however when I'm in a rush it's a bit fiddly.
I'm being a diva now.
They're not bad for the price either at £6.99

The Max Factor shadow is Max Effect in 04 Golden Bronze. At the time when I bought this I thought it was more copper toned (damn those deceiving shop lights), but it is a lovely colour (see swatches below) and it's lovely and smooth, glides on like a dream and was cheap too at £4.99. Bargain!! It really makes my Blue/green eyes pop when I wear it :)


 Anyway I really appologise for my long pause on this blog, but I will try to keep up and also the whole thing needs updating as it is looking disorganised.

Hope to speak to you all soon.
Take care. Christina XxX

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  1. oh the L'oreal ones look really pigmented and pretty. Ive looked at them quickly a few time in boots but never had the time to swatch them, They look really pretty. Might have to pop in and have another wee look!



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