Monday, 17 January 2011

Umberto Giannini Tousled Salt Spary

 The other day I was wandering through boots and started looking at the Umberto Giannini products, and I saw this Tousled Salt Spray and I had to have!
It retails at £5.61, however at the moment there is a 2 for £7 on Umberto Giannini Products at Boots (click to see product on boots site).

I have naturally messy hair, even when I try to get it all polished it always ends up going back to it's natural state within an hour.
So instead of fighting my hair all the time I thought I'd work with it, and that's a reason for the salt spray, I thought it would enhance my natural messyness.
This spray is meant to give you morning after hair (which men love, apparently).
So the instructions are to spray onto damp hair and dry naturally, or use a diffuser.
I opted for the dry naturally though as my hair needed a rest.
So this is how my hair turned out :) I quite like it.
 You can see I've now gone back to being a natural blonde too :D

The only thing I don't quite like about the product is it is a bit sticky, and leaves ends looking a bit dry, other than that it's great.
There's no greasyness like with other salt sprays and well it's sold at a good decent, affordable price, and it gives great tousled textured hair :)

As I was trying to take pictures my bunny decided to come take a look what I was up to, so I thought I'd add a picture of him too :)


  1. Aww cute bunny :o)
    Somebody else recommended this to me with rave reviews so I might have to get some next time I'm in town.
    Great post.
    Zoe x
    My blog, Diamond Solitaire

  2. Hey Zoe :) Thanks, I love my bunnies,lol.
    Yeah get it, it's good :) Thanks again :) x

  3. hello there!

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking through Iva Messy's followers. Something like that.

    I'm Malaysian but studying in England. Coincidentally, I JUST got back from Boot's and bought a Umberto Giannini hair product!! If I recall correctly, I bought a conditioning spray and a leave-in night balm.

    I looove hair and beauty products. Its my ultimate weakness.

    Lovely blog u have here. Will be dropping by again. =)

  4. Hey RS, thank you :)Hope you enjoy your Umberto Giannini products you bought, I think I saw the night balm when I was in boots and quite liked the sound of it :) x

  5. It looks like a rabbit and the bunny is cute too

  6. I have this and when it ran out I just poured normal salt and water into the bottle. It still smelled of the old product and worked just the same! :)


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