Sunday, 11 December 2011

Modalu - Pippa bag in Black Croc

Greetings :)
I just wanted to show you all some pictures of my baby, my Modalu Pippa bag :)
My parents bought it for me for my birthday after me going on about it for months :P
Anyway since owning it since October, I haven't looked back. None of  my other bags have had a look in for months. I now only have eyes for this bag.
For £169 (which is what it cost at the time) it's one hell of a good price. I think you get something classic, and well made for a good price. Then again I'm biased, I've always had love for Modalu :)
So here are some pics :)

Sorry for such a short post, I only have love for this bag and I'm letting the pics do the talking :)

Diolch am darlleniad (Welsh for 'thanks for reading'). 

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