Sunday, 11 December 2011

All glittered up DIY for Christmas ;)

Hey again ;)
As Christmas is nearing and lack of bloody sunlight in Wales I have gone all crazy for glittery, bling things.
Maybe a bit tacky but I'm kinda like a magpie and it makes winter days a happier for me :P

So I decided I'd bling things myself :)
Back in 2006 I blinged out my old Samsung phone, and a couple of weeks back it turned up so I decided to take the swarovski crystal flat backs that were on it off, one by one. Quite a pain staking process but someone had to do it ;)
I then decided to buy some little bits and bobs from local craft shops and off this ebay seller. I also bought a cheap phone case and with some fabric glue and patience this is what I made :)

Anyway I then craved some more and decided to buy another phone cover and glitter it using fine glitter :)
I've been getting very crafty ;)
So here is my glitter version.

To make this I used  the following:
Some fine raindbow glitter.
All purpose high gloss varnish (which is a sort of acrylic clear coating, that will fix glitter into place after sticking it with mod podge).
Mod Podge.

To make I evenly brushed some mod podge onto the phone cover using an old paint brush, then just covered in glitter. Easy peasy.
When dry I then sprayed with the High Gloss Varnish and left to dry over night :)

Using the same method I then glittered the heels of an old pair of shoes.

I'll be wearing these shoes to a Christmas party next week :)
And there you have it, I'm all ready for a sparkly Christmas :)

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  1. Wow, so sparkly! I just bought a phone cover from River Island, but fancy making my own now!


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