Monday, 2 January 2012

Coat and Jacket Haul.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you have all been blessed with a good start to 2012 :)
I just wanted to post about a coat and jacket I have bought in the last week.
The first one is a coat I bought in Topshop on sale, it's a waxed coat something I've been after for some time :)
Since I live in the Welsh countryside with lots of sheep, mud and crappy weather I thought it was time I bought something country style'ish, I need wellington boots next. 
I thought it was a good price down to £40 from £85, and it was the last in my size :)

So here is a pic of me wearing it and some solo shots.

I love that this coat feels that you can wear it out in the country having a little stroll or you can wear it shopping without looking scruffy.
The fur collar can be taken off which is a bonus, as I know I can wear it during the rainy spring months but at the moment I like wearing it with the fur collar so I can feel a little glamorous and warm.
The belt also gives it a nice structured, put together feel which I found other waxed coats/jackets did not have.

The jacket I bought was quite different for me, I don't really wear many blazer type jackets (I use to, but not so much lately) however it was more of the colour that was alien to my jacket wardrobe.
A pink blazer :)
I didn't intend on buying one, it was more of an impulse thing and I'm glad it happened :)
Waiting in the queue in H&M there was a pile of pink jackets on the table all laid out, and they caught my eye and I thought to myself 'they're cute'. Then I saw that they were just £14.99 and I grabbed one and took it to the checkout without thinking.
It's quite a striking pink, but I love it I think it will look really nice during the spring summer months.
I think I'll probably pair it with something studded to harden it up a bit.
What I also love is the spotty lining inside, so cute.

Speaking of Welsh weather I thought I'd just pop some phone shots in that I took over a week ago, so you'd get the idea,lol.

 Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best for 2012 :)


  1. The coat is lovely, I really like it. Let us know what kind of wellies you end up getting. :) Also really like the jacket, and it's such a bargain! <3

  2. Hi Summer, thank you :) I'm not sure which wellies I'll get but I'll post as soon as I find some :) x

  3. I love your bag in the first picture, so cute :-)


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