Saturday, 31 December 2011

I got my hands on Bioderma Sensibo H2O

A couple of weeks ago just after blogging about the Lierac Cleansers I noticed they were becoming empty, so panic hit me. I decided I needed some Bioderma, I've been itching to try it for yonks and my mind was made up that I'd have it. Fast!
Luckily I found some on Ebay and not badly priced, and it arrived quickly and I got to using it that night like an eager beaver :p

I'm not really sure where I first came to read about this amazing stuff but I'm so glad I heard about it. All I do know is what I've read and that is that models use it backstage at shows and it is apparently readily available in French pharmacies ( I want French pharmacies in the UK). 
The reason that models use this cleanser is that it's gentle, removes every scrap of makeup and it's I guess an all in one :) So no need to rinse off.
I've been using it for say over a month now and I have noticed that I haven't had any imperfections (the kind that pop up every damn month, ugh) so I'm not sure if that's hormonal or the cleanser.
I've always been a person into gentle cleansing, as I think that cleansers and toners that strip the skin back always end up in the skin overcompensating by making too much oil to replace what's been taken away.
I did believe that the Lierac cleansers were amazing (and still think they are good) but I find Bioderma Sensibo H2O better at eye makeup removal, more convenient and a little goes a very long way (something that the Lierac cleansers did not).

Okay I feel like I'm raving about this stuff too much now, but all I have to say really is if you have the chance to try this stuff take it.

Also being the skincare freak that I am my mum bought me a Sonicare for Christmas,lol. So I'll probably be writing about that very soon, even though I only use it every 2days at the moment while I get use to it.

Anyway if you want to read about the Bioderma cleanser I've been wittering on about you can click HERE for more in depth information.

Take Care and if I don't blog tomorrow


  1. I really want to try this cleanser' hopefully I'll be able get my hands on it :)

  2. Hi claire, ebay is pretty good for finding some :) there was a French site too, but the delivery was too much. x


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