Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Trying to be fit and healthy.

This isn't a New Year resolution post, oh no, I don't do resolutions as they're for breaking.
This is more of a picking up where I left off last October.
What is it about the winter that makes you want to laze around and eat?! Maybe it's a lack of sunlight or that the shops are stocked full of too many nice things.
Anyway I decided a few days ago that it's time I start getting myself in order again after I noticed my belly starting to look like jelly :(
I'm a firm believer that you are what you eat, and that it shines through your body. 
I am reasonably healthy as I'm a vegetarian and have been since the age of 13. Though I do have to watch my iron levels and did become anemic back in 2009-2010, which wasn't a fun experience. Since then I have taken iron supplements (mainly in liquid form).
Even though I try to eat healthily it doesn't mean I don't eat what I want, and that's why I try to do both of these DVDs when I have time (or I make the time).
The Tracy Anderson Method Mat workout is a really good DVD for working out your muscles at different angles. I work muscles I never knew existed with this DVD. I'm not really looking to lose weight, more to tone and be slightly more defined in certain areas :)
I also mix it up with the 10minute solution - Pilates perfect Body DVD. I'd never tried any pilates until I tried this dvd and I can tell you that as soon as you start pilates you will feel your posture becoming better and you will feel stronger, which I guess is due to working the core (as that's what pilates is about).
Both DVDs are set into 10min sections, which I find really handy when you're in a rush or feeling too tired to do a whole 30min workout.
I don't really know enough about fitness to say much more, however I did find when I was using these DVDs a couple of months back that mixing up the sections a bit gives great results.
My favourite sections on the Tracy Anderson DVD are the; standing legs, standing abs and arms workout with weights. Then my favourite Pilates Perfect sections are; pilates perfect belly, perfect buns& thighs and perfect silhouette sections.

I'm also trying to get back into the swing of making green shakes again, "ugh" I hear you say and yeah it can be unpleasant sometimes, but once you start drinking them quite often you get use to it :)
Green shakes are meant to give you an energy boost, plus it's good for you :)
To make a green shake I usually mix spinach, green apples, celery and anything else I can find.
In the smoothie below I used: Spinach, Kiwi Fruit, Pear, Pineapple Juice (still counts as one of your five a day) and I also added a Gala Apple.

I first read about green shakes in Womans Health when Rosie Huntington Whiteley was on the cover, she mentioned that she drinks them.
Taken from Here

Though for the one she drinks she adds five fistfuls of spinach, three stalks of celery and three apples, and well if it's good enough for Rosie, it's good enough for me. :P As she does have an amazing body.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. i just may start drinking liquid spinach if it means looking like rosie.....


  2. Hey Blue roses, hehe I drank it for a month and didn't look like her, darn,lol. :) x


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