Monday, 12 March 2012

Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Polish - Rose Nudes

 As a fan of nude colours I'd had my eye on these polishes for a while, but for some stupid reason I kept putting off actually buying them. 
Until last Saturday that is.
Superdrug had them on offer at £6 for two,  instead of £4.09 each. So I scooped them up.

First-up is Nude Rose 135, which is a pretty medium, soft pink. 
I had the polish on for 4days so it may look a little aged, but I think it lasted pretty well considering I've been gardening, cleaning rabbit hutches, housework and other daily things.

Next we have Rose Poudre 130 which is a subtle, soft nude pink. 

These two polishes will probably my go to polishes for the next few weeks, as they're easy to wear and make nails look pretty.


  1. Very, very pretty! I always find it hard to find maybelline nail polishes in my area but I know they make great colors!
    <3 Amber

  2. Hey Amber, thanks :) Have you tried ebay or something? It's such a shame you can't find them in your area, superdrug have free delivery sometimes if that helps :) x


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