Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Pastel kind of day :)


The weather in Wales (and the rest of the UK) lately has been amazingly lovely :)
It's been warm, sunny and very summer like, which has put a spring in my step ;) We've had lovely blue skies and temperatures of 20C, which for March is amazingly good. Please remain like this until October pleaassseee weather :p

All this sunshine and warmness has made me crave pastel colours, and the other day while in TK Maxx I found this mint coloured blouse for £3, ha! It isn't a great fit, but after a bit of playing around I managed to make it look ok (I hope).

 Carrying on the pastel theme I wore some OPI Panda-Monium Pink nail varnish, which is a light baby pink, with a little splash of lilac. It's a very opaque, creamy finish.

I've had this nail varnish lying around for so long (along with OPI Lucky Lavender) but I've never gotten around to wearing them. I remember liking them when I first bought them, but then I decided I wasn't so keen on how they looked. I'm glad I kept them now though and didn't give them away.

 Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely week :)


  1. Love the pastels! I especially love mint :)

  2. Hey, aww thank you :) I have a craving for mint colours lately x

  3. Beautiful color! :)



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