Friday, 23 March 2012

Pink Opal Pandora Ring and Veggie Carnation Jelly Attemp

 I've been meaning to blog about this ring for yonks, but kept forgetting, even though I admire it everyday and never want to take it off :)
This for my first Pandora piece and before Christmas when I purchased it I had a lot of trouble trying to find somewhere with stock in my size (I'm a Size K or 50, both mean the same thing).
I was able to get my size though from Hugh Rice where one of their assistants ordered the ring directly from Pandora for me :)
So one day when I arrived home from work to find it had arrived I was overjoyed and it was definitely worth waiting for.

 I'd always fancied an opal as it is the stone of my birth sign, however I could never find anything I thought to be special enough and most opals tend to be white and as a Libra I'm a hopeless romantic and I read pink opals are meant to bring love.
I paid £35 for this ring and I'm so glad I did, although I do want to buy some rings to stack with it now though, maybe one day soon ;)

On a different note I have just stuffed my face with what was meant to be milky jelly, however it turned out to be more of a mousse :/ Tasted nice though :)
I'm a vegetarian and have been since I was 12, and as a kid my mum always made milky/carnation jelly, but since turning veggie I haven't had any :( due to the jelly containing gelatine.
Finding vegetarian jelly is a bit of a pain, and when you find the little powdered packets it doesn't gel as much as the gelatine based jellies.
I came about craving milky jelly when  I was drooling though my favourite cookery book the other day 'Sophie Dahl's Voluptuous Delights' and I saw her recipe for Carnation Jelly I had to attempt at making my childhood desert.
However mine didn't go to plan, and as I mentioned it turned out more moussey than jelly and bouncy like, though on the bright-side it was lovely and I now have a little recipe for mousse.
I think in future I will add some argar-argar which is a veggie gelatine substitute and we shall see what happens, lots of experimenting get on with :)

Thanks for reading lovelies :) x

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