Friday, 13 April 2012

L'oreal Rouge Caress

 This proves how bad I am, and I still want more *hangs head in shame*
What can I say though, I love lippies :)
I wasn't going to write this yet, but since I took the photos and drafted them on here I'm too impatient not to post yet.

 Ok, so these look like they'd come under a balm like the revlon lip butters, but for me these are more of a gloss shaped in stick form. I will say they're not sticky at all though. They're very light on the lips *Kiss* 
I wouldn't say they're very moisturising (for me anyway) but I do like how light they feel and they have a mouthwatering look about them.
The colours are sheerer than the Revlon Lip Butters, and it did take a while trying to photo the swatches as they're so sheer the camera wouldn't focus on them, so I appologise about the swatch pictures.

From Left to Right: 07 Cheeky Magneta, 03 Lovely Rose, 01 Fashionista Pink

 Cheeky Magneta

 Lovely Rose

Fashionista Pink

Colour wise I really like how Cheeky Magneta and Lovely Rose as the colours are sheer yet bright, and what's lovely is the sheerness allows your lips pigment to come through slightly, so I think these will look pretty different on everyone.
I have to say I'm not so keen on Fashionista pink, the colour is a bit 'Bla' and this one seemed to settle in the lines on my lips more for some reason, maybe it will grow on me though.

Anyway I hope my swatches help someone to makeup their mind on which colours most appeal :)


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