Thursday, 10 May 2012

Late Saturday Haul Post

 Hiya, bit of a late post due to lack of time and and general life :) But hopefully best late than never.
I just wanted to show you some bargains I picked up in TkMaxx the other day :D I felt very excited taking these home I'll tell ya ;)

So firstly I picked up a New CID Look Book for £6 (TeeHee) which has a RRP of £20 so I was very chuffed with that.

 This is my actual first New CID purchase of cosmetics, I do have their Makeup Travel Case though which I absolutely love.

 I haven't used this palette yet so I can't say tell you much about it to be honest, however the eye shadows are extremely pigmented when I tested them.

I also bought this set of assorted Stila. Three Stilla items for £7.99 with a RRP £36.00, which I thought was really good, especially since I've been dying to buy a Stila Convertible Color for as long as I can remember. So I saved so much by buying it this way.
Ok and here are some pics and swatches.

 Stila Lip Color in Lara. This is quite a bold, berry colour so I can't see myself wearing it very often but it's nice to have it and maybe when I get the balls I'll wear it.

 Then we also have a Stila Lip Shine in Orchid Shine, which I'd describe as a neutral pink, so nice and easy to wear :)

 And for the item I purchased this assortment for the Stila Convertible Color :)
I think it's pretty safe to say nearly ever blogger will have heard or have one of these.
My set contained Gerbera which is a gorgeous pinky/peach colour.
Sorry I can't say anything further about it as I've only used it once so far.

To the left Stila Convertible being worn on cheeks.

Then for something not bought in TKMaxx ;)
 In Debenhams I bought Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara, I use to use the original High Impact but thought I'd try the Curling one, and so far so good.

I also thought I'd pop this into this Haul.
InStyle magazine is giving away a Nails Inc nail varnish and there are three to choose from, I went for Bluebell.

Anyway sorry for a brief post, I will try to make the others more interesting for you :)


  1. Oh wow, I didn't know TK Maxx stocked Stila and New CID!! I never find them in my local one. =( xx

  2. Aww that's a shame. Keep an eye out though just in case some come in :) I hope your TKMaxx stocks some for you one day. xx

  3. I love stila!! Gerbera is lovely!!

  4. Hi Merrybelly, Gerbera is amazing :) I love it. xx

  5. I love High Impact mascara, I never tried the curling version though. I also really love those stila convertible colours. The packaging is so cute and the colour selections are really pretty. I used to use Petunia every day in high school, I really need to repurchase it!


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