Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Little Lush Lovelies

I’ve started a bit of a Lush obsession again.

I now and again feel the need for comfort, which at the moment I think is due to the fact that winter is drawing closer, and the days shorter and nights cold, dark and lonely. To make things easier I like comfort, cosy, nice smelling things that lift my spirits.



I decided to buy something I’ve wanted to try for a while, Lemony Flutter which is a really moisturising cuticle butter. I don’t usually like citrus scents but lemony flutter is delicious and may have changed my opinion of citrus scents. At the moment I have cuticles that are pretty dry, and I have a bad habit of picking at them when they do this (I know, bad). So Lemony Flutter is blessing for my dry, ragged cuticles, and also dry skin of knees and elbows this winter.

Lemony FlutterLemony Flutter 2

Vanilla puff


I also bought Vanilla Puff. I have to say I haven’t worn a talc since I was little, but something in me urged me to buy this (probably the vanilla scent).

This dusting powder smells exactly like Lush’s Vanillary Perfume, a fragrance that I did not get on with at all for some reason, however the dusting powder isn’t as concentrated (as you’d expect , as it’s not a perfume ) and so I get along with this just fine. This can be used in drawers to scent your clothes, can be used as a dry shampoo and their are other uses too, but at the moment I just like sprinkling it on after a nice bath.

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