Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Boudoir and Last years Bags.

So last year I redecorated my bedroom. I wanted to create a sexy, french boudoir feel to it. Making it feel sensual, with different textures and rich colours.

So here are some pictures of my room, I did the whole wallpapering and painting myself. I also bought an old chair from an old secondhand shop for £2, which I painted gold and popped some swarovski crystals on to. I also changed the seat cover too.
(You can see a bit of this seat in the picture below).
(excuse the crappy bed sheets)
Candles create a nice warmth to a room. The shelf was painted gold and reflects the candles yellow glow.I bought a key holder in a DIY shop for around £1.50, and I painted it gold and popped some swarovski crystals on to it, swapped the string for ribbon and here you have a necklace holder.

Ooh and I'll add some bags I bought around the same time last year, I had a Modalu bag fetish at the time. I love these bags :)

(I have the modalu in the same style with the purple suede too, which I love to bits)

(I've only used this bag once, its too small for all my junk).

So there you have some of my DIY bedroom things :)


  1. I love the wallpaper! The bags are really cute :).


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