Saturday, 25 July 2009

I love Sales :)

So last week I bought some clothes, I hadn't posted anything until now, as I wasn't sure if I should. but what the heck :)
I bought a few little things from River Island (I love this Shop).
Im REALLY in love with this dress, it sort of reminds me of Carries dress in SATC when shes in Paris.

I love this Crochet waistcoat

I then bought a pair of Boyfriend jeans (they'll look nice dressed down with sandals) and a cute little necklace (I loved the little charms on it) from Miss Selfridge.

I also bought two scarves, but forgot to take pics.
And a Pair of Lee Jeans from TKMaxx (I love Tkmaxx, its great). I bought a really nice face cream and a Korres Shower Gel, which I shall post about another time.
So anyway, thats what I bought, and I'm looking forward to some retail therapy tomorrow, not that I'll be buying much :(
I think shopping should be prescribed on the NHS instead of prozac, for that feel good factor ;)

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