Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My babies, babies,lol.

Three weeks ago Daisy gave birth to 7 little bunnies :)
And now they've grown a bit, I decided to take pictures of them. They're awfully cute, and I shall be naming one after my friend Patrick, lol
(not sure which on yet).

This is a few of them (two black ones are missing from the pic).

Bunny Dinner time.

Above is Daisy (mammy bunny) her white fur on her face is stained from her carrot juice drink,lol.

And here is the biggest baby of them all My Basil, hehe. Hes very spoilt. Oh and hes the Daddy.

That's my family of bunnies :)


  1. Hey thanks :) I never saw this comment until just now.
    Lol, they're naughty little buggers too.hehe. :) x

  2. They're so cute, bet they're a bit of a nightmare though.. I only have one rabbit and he's cheeky enough on his own! x


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