Monday, 10 August 2009

FOTD! Just a quick neutral fotd.

So I thought I'd pop a quick fotd up, it's nothing special but I put some darkish eyeshadow on the bottom eyelids (which I never do).

I also tried the Bourjois 10hr effect foundation that I bought on Saturday, and I love it. Its nice and light and blends so easily into my skin, with no fuss, its great :)

I used the Yves Saint Laurent Blush variation too, and used the Mac 168 brush, and it went on so smoothly, I will definitely buy YSL blushes again. Its goes on so nice and lightly, and looks natural, and can be built up easily too :D

Something else I was quite surprised about too was the BeautyUK eyeshadow palette. I bought this on Friday (sorry forgot to mention it on saturdays haul) and these eyeshadows are actually quite pigmented, and I love the neutral browns. The application is smooth too.

So I'd definitely reccomend those 3 products, I'm very happy with them.

Here are the pics.
(Click to enlarge)

This is what I used all together

Oops, I've been busy doing this and was meant to put things in the oven before mum comes home, and she's home.
I'm in trouble,lol.
Better make a nice dinner hehe.

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