Friday, 28 August 2009

Todays Silly outfit.

Today I had to run down to the health shop to get my nana some organic flour, and in the process I got caught by a downpour of bloody rain,lol.
Since I wasn't planning on going out or anything today I was wearing silly clothes, and trying to see how I could wear my Topshop Zebra cropped T-shirt.

When I bought the Tshirt online it said cropped, it didn't mention its so bloody baggy it could fit two of me in it. So I tried layering a long sleeved top underneath, since it is quite cold today.

I know one thing from today's experience though, I won't be wearing white without some fake tan. Oh and I need to start carrying my umbrella around with me :P

The makeup I'm wearing today isn't V good so I'm not going to do any pics of that.

One good thing came out of today's little trip though and that is L'oreal's Collagen Filler double action Lip + Lip contour, I've wanted this stuff for a while now. In Boots its down from £13 something, to £9 something (can't remember how many pennies.
Im really looking forward to using this stuff, my lips are needing some Oomph.

I shall write a review on this stuff in a week or so, just to let you know whether its a gimmick or something good ;)

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